why choose infrared saunas?

Lose weight, detoxify, and simply relax in your sauna.

Infrared saunas have been praised by leading physicians, used by the world’s top athletes, and their claimed health benefits verified in the American Medical Association’s own peer-reviewed medical journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association. And, when it comes to helping families lose weight, detoxify, reduce heart disease-related risks, and simply relax, infrared saunas are truly in a class all their own.

Since they deliver radiant heat (not oven-like convex heat from steam saunas) infrared saunas have been found to help patients reach a number of health and wellness goals, such as: lose weight, recover from injury, relieve chronic pain, increase blood circulation, reduce heart disease risks, detoxify, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, boost immune system…and relax!

There are so many reasons to own an infrared sauna…

So much so, that we decided to compile a list of major reasons your health wants you to own one:

  1. Weight Loss. There have been numerous studies showing the weight loss possible by using a sauna. The heat produced causes a person’s metabolic heart rate to increase which provides calorie burning similar to that experience through mild workout. Always consult a doctor before using a sauna as a weight loss supplement. An infrared sauna from Good Health Saunas has been proven to provide a great boost to your current weight loss journey.
  2. Enjoy a boosted immune system. High heat in your body will increase the white blood cell count. These white blood cells are the fighters in your immune system. They attack disease keeping you healthy.  
  3. Stress relief and relaxation. High heat for regulated amounts of time will calm your system and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Used regularly the sauna will calm your moods and even help you get to sleep faster. Heat has been proven to relax muscles. The saunas from GHS can hold a desired heat without wavering, this provides the constant heat that is desired for ultimate relaxation. One of my favorite parts of the heat is the easing of aches and pains from my everyday life. My lower back has the tightest muscles from lifting and sitting, the sauna relaxes the muscles to a point where I can finally be free of pain for a while.
  4. Skin cleansing. An infrared sauna will produce a steady heat that causes pores to open up. The resulting sweat your body produces will flush dirt and oils from those pores. Many who use the sauna regularly will experience healthier complexion. There is also a possibility in some users to reduce cellulite! The skin is given a dimpled appearance when subcutaneous fat erupt from fibrous tissues. Fat becomes water soluble at around 110 degrees, allowing it to pass through the skin with sweat in some cases.

For further reading I highly suggest visiting Good Health Saunas website for further reading on health benefits. This link will lead you straight to the health benefits not mentioned here!