Why Infrared?

Why Choose Infrared Saunas?

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared rays are part of the suns spectrum, and are the specific rays that warm your body when you are out in the sun. Therefore, when it comes to infrared saunas, the far-infrared radiant (FIR) heat provides all of the benefits of natural sunlight without any solar radiation. This FIR heat warms the body and has no ultraviolet radiation (talk about an extreme benefit of infrared saunas!). Additionally, far-infrared treatment devices (lamps and otherwise) can and have been used to treat athletic injuries, help newborn infants warm, and treat treat muscle and joint problems.

When it comes to infrared sauna benefits, it’s important to note that the FIR heat increases circulation in the body and nourishes damaged tissues. This natural heat emitted increases body temperature, which in turn stimulates and improves the immune system!

As Sherry A. Rodgers, M.D. quoted, “No surgery, no drug is available to give this type of therapeutic result. Likewise, other studies with other xenobiotics, other occupations, other medical conditions, which were also totally resistant to all that medicine had to offer, were improved once the chemicals were the depurated. In addition, the whole family can use the far infrared sauna and they can use it forever. For as research and history both testify, the world will never run out of ways of poisoning us.”

Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Sauna

One of the main differences when it comes to an infrared sauna vs. steam sauna is the temperature of the heat emitted. With infrared saunas, the far-infrared radiation (FIR) heat released is cooler than steam saunas and traditional dry saunas by roughly 46-65 degrees. Infrared saunas are many times preferred because high heat can become an issue when it comes to people who are sensitive to heat in general. The lower heat range that infrared saunas emanate is safer for those with cardiovascular risk factors or fragile health as well.
It’s also interesting to note that because infrared heat goes deeper into ones body, the infrared sauna may induce two to three times the sweat volume of conventional saunas (while still at a lower temperature than steam saunas!)