Who Benefits The Most From Infrared Saunas?

This is actually a question we receive quite often. While our egalitarian response is “Everyone!” if you think about who has the most to gain (or lose) by their bodies functioning at an optimal level, we’d have to say professional athletes. That is why the highest earning sports stars and Olympians are all investing in infrared saunas. And, the reason is pretty simple: competing aggressively in sports heavily strains the muscles, tissues, joints, and immune system. The deciding factory in many professional sports competitions is often dependent on whoever has the best recovery time between training and competition.

Because of the money at stake and the odds of receiving a sidelining injury, many professional athletes are turning to infrared saunas as an investment toward their physical health and career longevity. But, it is true that nearly everyone can improve their health, happiness, and wellbeing by using an infrared sauna.