Blood Pressure

Using a Sauna to Lower Blood Pressure

Infrared saunas make it possible for people who don’t or can’t exercise to be able to achieve the great effects and benefits of cardiovascular training. It’s important to understand is that sauna usage is just like any other type of mild exercise when it comes to your blood pressure. The blood vessels relax and it is comparative to the same type of exercise as a brisk walk. You can use infrared sauna therapy to decreasing blood pressure- and it is is most effective with frequent use. Do not use a sauna if you have high blood pressure.

Infrared Sauna blood pressure effects:

“…Saunas – if not misused – pose no risk to healthy people. People with high blood pressure who have no symptoms should tolerate saunas well. The relaxing of the blood vessels associated with the heat is about the same as from a brisk walk. Any active symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath that would cause a person to avoid moderate exercise would also be a reason to avoid a hot tub or sauna. Alcohol and saunas aren’t a good combination. Don’t drink while in a sauna. Also, moving back and forth between cold-water baths and saunas or hot tubs can raise blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, don’t do this.”

Sauna Blood Pressure Treatment Information

It’s important to know about moving back and forth between hot and cold environments, when talking about infrared saunas. Infrared saunas run at a significantly lower temperature than traditional saunas. Typically, when people use traditional saunas, they go from a hot environment of a sauna, to a cold shower or cold swim – as they feel the need to cool down after the intense heat.

With an infrared sauna, people don’t experience a heat shock from sauna to shower/pool. Because of this, you can stay in an infrared sauna for 30 minutes or more without feeling the need to “get some air” or cool down with a shower. Additionally, infrared saunas provide a deep heating effect that penetrates the body and increases both heart rate and blood pumping volume (which creates beneficial heart stress!) Medical research has suggested that the use of an infrared sauna provides cardiovascular conditioning as the body tries to cool itself. Also, during use, the infrared heat causes your capillaries to expand and thereby improve blood flow. Yay for sauna blood pressure relief!

Note: If you have high blood pressure you should always consult a physician before using an infrared sauna.