Best infrared sauna accessories

Finding the right infrared sauna accessories can add so much quality to your time in your sauna. While most infrared sauna kits come with the accessories you need, there are still accessories that will take your experience to the next level.

Here are a few sauna accessories you can get to enhance your experience.

9 best infrared sauna accessories

-Ergonomic Backrest: To support your back during the session in the best and most effective way possible.

-Seat cushion for sauna: Helps to support your seat and makes for a more comfortable infrared sauna experience.

-Oil holder and frame

-Sauna belt

-Aromatherapy kit (essential oils): Make your sauna smell incredible and experience the health benefits of essential oils with aromatherapy.

-Folding stool

-Foot massage roller: Massage your feet and experience extra relaxation while you sweat out all of those toxins!

-Sand Timer

-Neck Support: Support your neck while you detoxify! Infrared sauna sessions should be comfortable, and neck supports can help increase that.

-Body brush