Let’s talk weight loss with an Infrared Sauna…

Research has shown many different benefits to using a sauna, and I would like to explain the amazing weight loss attributes of an infrared sauna in particular.

Penetrating heat. Did you know that the Infrared heat generated in a Good Health Sauna penetrates up to 2 inches deep? When the muscles and organs are heated in this way you body reacts by increasing metabolic rates.

Sweating. Profuse sweating from an increase in metabolic rates will raise your pulse safely causing you to sweat. Excessive sweating increases your metabolism.

Safely increased pulse. Your heart rate will increase due to the excess heat increasing metabolism. The best part about this reaction is the increase in use increases metabolism, converting far more food into energy, literally burning calories more efficiently.

If you have ever wanted to lose weight while relaxing, you have found the right way, with a two person or four person Infrared Sauna from GHS. These signature infrared saunas can burn up to 500 calories in a single session! That’s the equivalent of 30 minutes running, or a quick game of tennis! Good Health Saunas has a list of other activities that burn a similar amount of calories, compared to their saunas.

I highly recommend speaking with Good Health Saunas knowledgeable staff about a new sauna today. There is so much more to know when it comes to weight loss and other benefits from using one.