How does Himalayan salt work?

Himalayan salt contains a red clay within it from the mountains where it is mined. This clay salt combination produces a mineral than has many health benefits. When Illuminated in a lamp, the soothing color and light therapy reduces stress and can relax the body using chromotherapy. The mineral naturally ionizes oxygen in the air as well. This will cause many health benefits when breathing the air.

Benefits of Chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy or light therapy is the theory that light at certain colored wavelengths can have health benefits for a person. Colors such as pink, yellow, or orange are calming colors and are often used in this type of therapy. The colored lights will relax a stressed person immersed with the shades. After a day staring at a blue computer monitor people feel awake or may have a headache. Blue skies affect people in a certain way, causing them to be awake as it is day time. Staring at a blue screen at night will cause insomnia. Chromotherapy can help relax a person so they may fall asleep quickly if used before bed. Himalayan salts produce a pink or orange color when illuminated which is why they are often used for chromotherapy.

Benefits of Oxygen Ionization.

Ionized oxygen has numerous health benefits. Ionized oxygen particles are either positively or negatively charged. The immediate result is a crispness feeling in the air you are breathing. The air itself will begin to clear sinuses, improve microcirculation, and reduce pain and inflammation. These benefits are a natural result of increased oxygen in the body.

What is the best Infrared Sauna with these features?

Good Health Saunas Canadian Wooden 3 person infrared saunas (GSE-3) use premium chromotherapy lighting. The GSE-3 has a high quality oxygen ionizer installed as well. These additions include the natural healing capabilities to assist in relaxation and stress relief. Infrared saunas are the best type to use with these therapies because of the penetrating infrared heat that they create already.