We know when it comes to purchasing a sauna you have many options, but let us tell you why a GHS comes in ahead of the pack when it comes to a quality sauna experience…

All of our Good Health Sauna’s gives you the relaxing oasis and paradise you’ve always dreamed of, right in your own home. Made out of the highest quality Forest Stewardship Certified Wood, these saunas deliver some of the best infrared heat saunas on the market today have to offer (as it also admits virtually NO EMF!)

We offer 5 different styles depending on your needs…

  • Personal
  • Luxury
  • 2-person
  • 3-person
  • Corner
  • 4-person

All of our saunas do an incredible job at providing health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, detoxifying your body, and expelling toxins by use of infrared heat. With a Good Health Sauna, you will experience premium therapeutic chromotherapy lightening and a high quality music sound system that will to take you to a whole new relaxation level.

Special features on a Good Health Sauna includes:

  • Hypoallergenic Forest Stewardship Certified Canadian Wood: Hemlock with option to upgrade to FSC Certified Canadian Red Cedar. Click to see why FSC is so important.
  • High-quality and effective heating elements: 4 Certified Carbon Heaters (including floor heater) and 2 Certified High-End Ceramic Heaters.
  • vitatech Low EMF heaters meet all known federal, state, and industry standards but exceed these standards and have been independently tested by Vitatech.
  • Oxygen Ionizer- Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Entertainment Center with CD/FM Stereo and MP3 system.

You won’t be disappointed with a Good Health Sauna. Call today to find out more information and how you can greatly improve your life through infrared heat!