Things to think About When Looking at JNH Lifestyle Saunas

1. Price- Lets look at the 2-person

  • The "Original Sale Price" looks super appealing ONLY $2,299 
  • After a little digging you can see here once you include some ESSENTIAL components of your infrared sauna that price isn't the same
  • It quickly jumps from $2,299 to $4,487 by just adding a few must haves
    • Oxygen Ionizer
    • Chromotherapy 
    • Infrared Foot Warmer
    • "Upgraded Full Spectrum Infrared System"
    • Warranty

2. Heating Elements​

  • You can see in this photo, JNH only uses a Carbon heating element in their entire sauna
  • Why this matters?
  • It is physically impossible to get a true full spectrum infrared from just carbon heating elements
  • Also, With a carbon heating element being the main/only source of heat, it increases the heat up time to over 45 minutes to get to the desired temperature!
  • There is no front Heaters with a straight glass front

3. JNH The Company Itself 

You can see in this photo, JNH Lifestyles had their Accreditation Revoked 

4. Testing

  • You can see here they have the bare minimum for testing
  • Having, ETL, CE, ISO9001:20000 etc is extremely standard for manufacturing 
  • But these "Certifications" have no basis when it comes to air quality, quality of heating elements, and true EMF ratings
  • You want to make sure Your infrared sauna is tested by trusted 3rd party companies 

5. Shipping

  • Shipping is Charged seperately as well
  • Depending on what "Zone" you are in Shipping is anywhere from $99-$699 Extra 
  • This is also shipped as "Standard LTL" also known as "Curbside Delivery"
  • See JNH Shipping Options attached 

6. Warranty

  • A Standard 2 Year Warranty is Included
  • With a product like a sauna, heaters do unfortunately go out over time
  • They do Charge extra for a longer warranty but it is capped at a 5 year residential warranty