We Work Closely with Our First Responders

St. Paul, MN ​

Good Health Saunas has worked closely with the City Counsel of St Paul MN, Saint Paul Fire Foundation, Donors, HealthPartners Institute, and the University of Minnesota Medical School to get our Infrared Saunas installed into every St Paul MN Firehouse. Infrared Saunas have recently been considered as a way of prevention for line of duty deaths for firefighters. Dr McKinney says "Being able to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer in firefighters is, I think, everyone's primary interest."

Good Health Saunas has been chosen to lead this charge in supplying our fire-stations with the tools necessary to help determine if consistent sauna use can help in the prevention of such cancers and illnesses.

Greenfield, WI​

Good Health Saunas worked with the City of Greenfield to install new Infrared saunas into their fire-station to help their firefighters detoxify after going out on calls. Chief John Cohn said "Our Furniture, our electronics... they're plastics and synthetics, when those burn they give off more toxic chemicals than a firefighter's ever faced." With the installation of these infrared saunas they will be able to detox directly after going on such calls. Cohn also said that "The general population cancer rate is about 22%, a lot of the early studies are showing 68% rate of cancer in firefighters."  Cohen's hope is to flush the toxic chemicals out of the body not allowing them to recirculate through the body