Good Health Saunas is USA Based 

National Distribution Center- Muskego, WI

Good Health Saunas has the largest in stock inventory in the USA. With warehousing across the country, our National Distribution center is located in Wisconsin where our saunas are shipped nation wide. 

Mall of America- Bloomington, MN

Good Health Saunas has a store front at the Mall of America that allows our Clients to View all of our infrared sauna models. The store allows for individual infrared sauna sessions as well as virtual tours. 

Corporate Office- Waukesha, WI​

Good Health Saunas Corporate office in Waukesha Wi has a full show room for clients to view all sauna models. With individual infrared sauna rooms as well for trials before making the decision to go with a Good Health Sauna. Virtual Tours are available as well. 

Good Health Saunas Headquarters-​Appleton, WI

Good Health Saunas headquarters is located in Appleton Wi. Models on display along with virtual tours available as well!