Good Health Saunas Owners Manual

Good Health Saunas Owners Manual

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Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing a Good Health Sauna.
Before using your new sauna, please read this consumer manual carefully!
This consumer manual covers both ceramic heater saunas and carbon fiber heater saunas.

Table of Contents

Installation Overview……………………………………………………………………………………..5
Corner Installation……………………………………………………………………………………….6
General Safety Rules………………………………………………………………………………………7
Digital Control Operating Instructions………………………………………………………………………16
Tips for Use……………………………………………………………………………………………..16
Limited Warranty………………………………………………………………………………………….17
What is Chromotherapy?…………………………………………………………………………………….18


A.1 Brief

All growth depends on sunlight, yet 40% of the ultraviolet and high-energy rays of the sun are harmful to the human body. The remaining 60% of the sun’s energy, which is comprised of infrared rays, is beneficial for the human body.

Our infrared sauna uses these invisible (5.6-15μm) infrared rays to increase cell tissue resonance, accelerate blood circulation, and improve organic functions. Infrared sauna therapy is becoming increasingly popular and accepted by the medical profession, with more studies now supporting the science behind this exciting new technology. An infrared sauna has been shown to increase blood circulation, which can help relieve pain and improve wound healing and recov-ery. It has also been known to increase metabolic rates and help the body burn calories as it works to sweat. This aids fat burning, improves cardiac fitness, strengthens the heart, helps eliminate toxins, and improves cellulite and general skin tone.

A 30-minute session in an infrared sauna could burn the same calories as a six-mile run. The quality stereo systems in our saunas also reduce stress and aid relaxation through the use of sound therapy.

A.2 Operating Conditions

USA or Canada standard

A.2.1 Temperature: 60°F – 140°F, 5°C – 60°C

A.2.2 Power supply: 120V AC, 15 amp or 20 amp

A.2.3 Do not install closer than 0.5 inches (12.7MM) to wall.

A.3 Features

A.3.1 Wooden construction

A.3.2 Digital microprocessor controlled

A.3.3 Adjustable timer from 0 to 60 minutes

A.3.4 Digital temperature sensor

A.3.5 Soft touch keypad

A.3.6 Long-life ceramic infrared heater and carbon fiber heater

Sauna Outside Measurement
Model Number inch
GSE-1 35.5×41.5×75
GE2 47×47×75
GSE-2 47×47×75
GSE-3 60×49×75
GSE-4 69×53×75
GSE-3C 59×59×75


Panels and Set-up Diagrams (Straight Sauna)

Below are pictures of individual panels for the two-person deluxe model. Other models may vary. Models may have an all-glass door and windows on the Front Panel with a control panel on the in-side.

Panels and Set-up Diagrams

Tool Required for Installation: Phillips Screwdriver

GHS 3-Person Corner Infrared Sauna
  • Step 1 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 2 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 3 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 4 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 5 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 6 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 7 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 8 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 9 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 10 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 11 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


  • Step 12 of Installing 3-Person Sauna


B.1 General Safety Rules

1. READ INSTRUCTIONS – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the sauna is installed and operated.

2. RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS – The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.

3. HEED WARNINGS – All warnings on the sauna should be adhered to.

4. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS – All operating and usage instructions should be followed at all times.

5. CLEANING – Unplug the sauna from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleansers inside the sauna. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.

6. ATTACHMENTS – Do not use attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer, or they may cause hazard.

7. WATER OR MOISTURE – Do not use this product near water. For example, do not use it near a bathtub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool.

8. GROUNDING OR POLARIZATION – This sauna is intended for use with a three-wire properly grounded power socket. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the supplied line cord and plug.

9. POWER SOURCES – This product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power you have, please consult a licensed electrician.

10. POWER CORD PROTECTION – Power supply cords should be routed so they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them.

11. LIGHTNING – For added protection during a lightning storm, or when the sauna is left unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug the sauna from the wall outlet.

12. OVERLOADING – Do not overload wall outlets, as this can result in a risk of fire or electrical shock. (Unit should be plugged into a dedicated outlet.)

13. SERVICING – Always unplug the sauna from the wall outlet before servicing the product.

14. POWER SUPPLY – Do not remove power supply covers. No user-serviceable parts are located inside the power supply.

15. REPLACEMENT PARTS – When replacement parts are required, be sure to use replacement parts specified by the manufacturer, or those that have the same characteristics as the original parts. Unauthorized substitutes may result in fire, electrical shock or other hazards.

B.2 Hyperthermia Warning

Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level several degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.60°F. The symptoms of hyperthermia include an increase in the internal temperature of the body, dizzi-ness, lethargy, drowsiness, and fainting.

The effects of hyperthermia include:

B.2.1 Failure to perceive heat;

B.2.2 Failure to recognize the need to exit the room;

B.2.3 Unawareness of impending hazard;

B.2.4 Fetal damage in pregnant women;

B.2.5 Physical inability to exit the room;

B.2.6 Unconsciousness

B.2.7 Warning – The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication is capable of greatly increasing the risk of fatal hyperthermia.

B.3 Safety Precautions

1.When installing and using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed.

2.Do NOT dry clothes or leave towels in the sauna.

3.Do NOT touch the heater tube with your finger or metal tools.

4.Do NOT touch the light when it is on.

5.Do NOT splash water or other liquid onto the heating tube.

6.Do NOT use the sauna if you have any of the following conditions:

1)Open wounds, eye diseases or serious burns.

2)Elderly & frail people, especially those suffering from a disease.

3)Children under the age of six years should NOT use the sauna. To reduce the risk of injury, do not allow children over the age of six to use the sauna unless they are closely supervised at all times.

4)Those with heat sensitivity, obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, circulatory system problems, or diabetes should consult their doctor before using.

7.Saunas are not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless a person responsible for their safety has given them supervision or instruc-

tion concerning the use of the sauna.

8.Do not place pets into the sauna.

9.Do not use the sauna immediately following strenuous exercise. Wait at least 30 minutes to allow the body to cool down completely.

10.Excessive temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage during the early months of pregnancy. Preg-nant or possibly pregnant women should contact their physician prior to using the sauna.

11.The use of alcohol, drugs, or medications prior to or during the sauna session may lead to unconsciousness. Do not use after drinking excessive alcohol.

12.Persons using medications should consult a physician before using the sauna, as some medications may induce drowsiness while others may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation.

13.Exercise care when entering or exiting the sauna.

14.Never sleep inside the sauna while the unit is in full operation.

15.Do not use any type of cleaning agents on the interior of the sauna.

16.Do not stack or store any objects on top of or inside the sauna.

17.Do not use the unit during an electrical storm, as there is a remote risk of shock.

18.Altering or tampering of any electrical connections on the power supply will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

19.Dry your hands before handling electrical controls. Never unplug the power cord or adjust the controls with wet hands or when you have wet bare feet. A danger of electrical shock exists.

20.Do not attempt any repair without consulting the manufacturer first. Unauthorized repair attempts will void the manu-facturer’s warranty.

21.Be careful when using the sauna in places where there are combustible materials.

22.Do not use the sauna in the presence of an explosive atmosphere.

23.Be aware that heat may be conducted to combustible materials that are out of sight.

24.Do not leave the sauna unattended when it is switched on.

25.If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a special cord or assembly (which is available from the manu-facturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person) to avoid a hazard.

Diagram of Electrical Connections

Tool Required for Installation: Phillips Screwdriver

D. Installation

D.1 Review the following before installation!

D.1.1 Do not share the same plug with other appliances.

D.1.2 Position it on a flat level surface.

D.1.3 Do not splash the exterior with water. If the floor is damp, install a floor separator to keep the sauna dry.

D.1.4 Do not store flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna.

D.2 Review the following during installation!

D.2.1 Place the Bottom Panel on the floor and make sure the flat side is facing up.

Bottom Panel on Floor

D.2.2 Install the Back Panel in place (see illustration below).

Installing Back Panel

D.2.3 Install the Left Panel in place (see illustration below). Fasten outside buckles.

Install Left Panel in Place

D.2.4 Outside Buckle Fastened.

Fastening Front Panel Outside Buckles

D.2.5 Install the Bench Heater Panel in place.

Installing Bench Heater

D.2.6 Plug the Bench Heater Cable onto the outlet located on the Back Panel. Make sure the connection is secure.

Plug Bench Heater Cable Into Back Panel

D.2.7 Install the Bench Panel in place (see illustration below). Make sure it fits securely.

Installing Bench Panel

D.2.8 Install the Right Panel in place (see illustration below). Fasten outside buckles.

Install Right Panel and Fasten Buckles

D.2.9 Install the Front Panel in place (see illustration below). Fasten outside buckles.

Install Front Panel and Fasten Buckles

D.2.10 Check the top panel for all the wires. The Top Panel must be positioned in the right corner. Connect the plugs for

the heater through the holes around the Top Panel.

Check Top Panels for Wires

D.3 Connect Interior Wiring

D.3.1 Control Panel: Locate the two flat connector wires coming through the ceiling and connect them.

Locate Two Flat Connector Wires

D.3.2 Oxygen Ionizer: The black wire coming from the ceiling near the side panel plugs into the ionizer. Mount ionizer within easy reach of this wire and plug the black wire into the ionizer.

Oxygen Ionizer Connects to Black Wire

Never plug this cord into the stereo.

Oxygen Ionizer Functionality:

Oxygen Ionizer help purify the air by removing allergens, dander, and orders from your infrared saunas. Each Ionizer comes with one scent pack. To install the scent pack, open the lid at the back of the Ionizer, place the scent in the back, and close the lid.

Ionizer Direction:

1. The green (ion) light must be on when you’re using the sauna. Ion will be released in the air to help purify the air, remove the dust, smell, bacterium and other harmful matter.

2. The red (O3) light must be turned on when you’re finished using the sauna. Ozone will be released in the air to help kill bacterium, sterilization, restored to be oxygen.

D.3.3.1 Stereo already installed. Pull down to view stereo.

Pull Down to View Installed Stereo

D.3.4 Run the power cord through the hole in the dust cover, then attach the dust cover with the remaining short screws.

Power Cord through Attached Dust Cover

D.3.5 Plug into the appropriate outlet.

Plug Sauna Into Outlet

D.3.6 You are ready to enjoy your Good Health Sauna!

Clock and Timer Settings

ClOCK SETTING: Clock setting is military time setting only. You can set clock by pressing on Timer and use the Temp up and down arrow to adjust the hour, and use the time up and down arrow to adjust the minutes.

TIMER SETTING: With the timer button, you can set your sauna to turn on at a certain time. For example: You want your saunas to turn on at 8 o’clock in the morning, you can. To do so, you can by pressing the Timer (red) button twice. Use the Temp up and down button to adjust the hour,and use the Time up and down button to adjust the minutes.

TEMPERATURE SETTING: Temperature can be set at Fahrenheit or Celsius. To switch Fahrenheit from Celsius (or vice versa), press the Temp up and down arrow at the same time.

D3.7 You will need 2 AAA batteries to power the chrome light remote.

For more information, see page 18.

Chrome Light Remote Requires AAA Batteries

Remote Instructions

When the sauna is turned off, press “TIME + & – “ at the same time to go into Remote Start-up function. The
time display will show Start-up time in hours. Press “TIME + or – “ to adjust the start-up time. The range is from
one hour to 36 hours. It will count down to zero and then the sauna will turn on and start up.

Note: When the sauna turns on, it will be starting up at the same time and temperature that was set the last time the sauna was used.

F. Tips For Use

F.1 Set the temperature to a comfortable level, normally 100-140°F.

F.2 Allow approximately 10-15 minutes for the sauna to warm up.

F.3 Perspiration should begin within 10 to 15 minutes after stepping into the unit. We recommend a sauna session should not exceed 60 minutes. Consult your physician.

F.4 When the temperature reaches the level set on the thermostat, the heaters will turn off and on periodically to maintain the desired temperature level inside the sauna.

F.5 The front door/window/ceiling vent can be opened at any time to allow fresh air into the room.

F.6 Drink plenty of water before, during and after a session to replenish lost fluids from the body.

F.7 A shower should be taken immediately after sauna use to cleanse the skin of sweat. Do not let the sweat dry, or pores can become clogged.

F.8 To absorb perspiration and keep the sauna tidy, place a towel on the bench and floor of the sauna. Keep one towel handy to wipe off sweat from the body.

F.9 To prevent hair from drying out, you can apply coconut oil and wrap your hair in a towel. Rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower after using the sauna.

F.10 Massage the affected areas to relieve sore and tense muscles.

F.11 Do not eat at least an hour before your sauna session. It is better to go in a sauna with an empty stomach. Do not use the sauna immediately after strenuous exercise.

F.12 At the first sign of cold or flu, increasing your sauna sessions may be beneficial in boosting your immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of viruses.

F.13 Any area in which you’d like to achieve a deep heating should be moved closer to the heaters.

F.14 Consult your physician for proper treatment or any other conditions.

H. Maintenance

H.1 Clean the sauna room with a soft wet cloth. NEVER use petrol, alcohol, benzene or any other such chemical

to clean the unit. One part Apple Cider Vinegar and three parts water works well.

I. Transportation and Storage

I.1 Avoid exposure to rain, snow or any other weather elements that may cause damage to sauna.

I.2 Do not store in damp environments.

J. Limited warranty

We warrant the sauna to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

1) Heaters: Lifetime

2) Workmanship: 5-Year Warranty

3) Electrical Components: Lifetime

4) Radio/CD Player: 12-Month Warranty

GHS Lifetime Heater Warranty

This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser of the sauna and terminates upon transfer of owner ship. This is a replacement parts only warranty. Freight charges to and from the customer are the responsibility of the customer. This includes freight charges for parts shipped for the service of your sauna.

This warranty is void if the sauna has been altered, misused, or abused. Such instances shall include the operation or maintenance of the sauna in deviation to the published instructions. The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner, natural disaster, or non-factory authorized modification or repair. This warranty also does not cover any dam ages caused by natural weather conditions—even when the sauna is covered with the factory-authorized outside cover. The sauna cannot get wet, and is not meant for outdoor use. Broken glass and light bulbs, whatever the cause, are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear due to usage.

We shall not be liable for the loss of use of the sauna or other incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall National Sales Inc. or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damages to any properties. Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have additional rights that vary from state to state. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Warranty is applicable ONLY if purchased directly from National Sales Inc. dba Good Health Saunas. If NOT purchased through National Sales Inc., please contact the company you purchased your sauna from for warranty information.

Credentials and Certifications
What is Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is the use of color and light to gently bring about homeostasis. Color and light is applied to specific areas and accupoints on the body.

History of Color and Light Healing

Color and light have been used for healing since the beginning of recorded time. Ancient Egyptians built solarium-type rooms with colored panes of glass. The sun would shine through the glass and flood the patient with color. Some people use colored silk cloths which are placed on the body and then flooded with sunlight. Early color and light healers in the modern world used colored gels and sheets of glass to apply light to the body. Others used color infused water and color meditations to send healing rays to the person.

Today, there are many practitioners who use color and light in interesting ways. Some therapists have a box with a mechanism that flickers light into the eyes. They report success in speeding the recovery of stroke victims and those persons who experience chronic depression.

Some healers recommend wearing eyeglasses with colored lenses. Practitioners of Feng bring color into their homes and workplaces for optimum balance of energy.

Why It Works:

The earth, the oceans, in fact every living thing, is dependent upon light for its very existence. A recent scientific study disclosed that each cell in the body emits light. We live in a sea of energy and our bodies are composed of energy.

Color works through and in us, in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle. It shines in our auras and radiates upon us from the sun. Color is an active power, exerting a tremendous influence on our consciousness, soul, and spirit.

Within our body, our organs, muscles, cells, and nerves all have a level of vibration. When our body becomes out of balance, disease occurs. Each color has its own frequency and vibration. Through extensive research, we know that color and light will help bring our physical and emotional systems into balance.

  • Red Color Therapy

    Brings warmth, energy and stimulation. Good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. It energizes heart and blood circulation. It energizes all organs and the senses.

  • Yellow Color Therapy

    Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion, and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being.

  • Green Color Therapy

    A cooling, sedating color that helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues. Calms the body’s nervous system. It’s the color of the relaxed heart.

  • Turquoise Color Therapy

    Increases intuition and sensitivity. It mentally relax-es and tackles embodied psychological barriers. It acts as a tonifier and can help regulate imbalances in the lung and large intes-tines system. It facilitates spiritual growth

  • Blue Color Therapy

    A cool color that is calming. It stimulates the para-sympathetic system, and reduces blood pressure and calms both breathing and heart-rate. It helps treat sleep disorders and headaches.

  • Violet Color Therapy

    Promotes awareness and consciousness. It increases the effects of medication. It promotes proper function-ing of the lymphatic system and is very helpful with menopause. It is the color for neutralizing emotional wounds and for spiritual growth.

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Resourceful Books

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