High Blood Pressure

Using a sauna for high blood pressure

Infrared saunas make it possible for people who cannot or do not exercise enough to achieve the effects of cardiovascular training. This goes hand in hand with allowing people to use a sauna for high blood pressure (in order to lower it!) As many other forms of exercise, infrared saunas can effectively help decrease blood pressure with frequent use!

According to the American Heart Association, …”The relaxing of the blood vessels associated with the heart is about the same from a brisk walk. Any active symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath that would cause a person to avoid moderate exercise would also be a reason to avoid a hot tub or sauna.”

Since infrared saunas run at significantly lower temperatures than traditional hot rock saunas, the body doesn’t experience a heat shock – meaning, infrared saunas and high blood pressure are a match made in heaven! Medical research has suggested that the use of an infrared sauna provides cardiovascular conditioning as the body tries to cool itself.

Additionally, because infrared sauna rays penetrate the body between 1-2 inches deep, there is a big heating effect in the muscle tissue and internal organs. The body responds to this heat with a hypothalamic-induced increase in both heart rate and blood pumping volume. This process causes your capillaries to expand and thereby improve blood flow.