Installing your GHS far infrared sauna is easier than it may seem. Feel free to watch the install tutorial videos, or read and view the step-by-step instructions (with photos!) below. If you have any questions about installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Step-By-Step Directions For GHS Sauna Installations (GSE-3)

Women Installing GSE-3 Sauna Base

1. Choose a location to enjoy the sauna. Place the base on the floor of chosen location.

Women Installing GSE-3 Left Side of Sauna

2. Insert back panel onto the base and have someone hold it in place while you insert side panel. Insert the left side window panel. Make sure the tongs and grooves are well inserted into one another. Fasten the outside buckle.

Women Installing GSE-3 Bench in Sauna

3. Slide in the lower part of bench. Connect lower part of bench & make sure all connections are secure.

Women Installing GSE-3 Sauna Bench

4. Slide top part of bench completely and securely into place.

Women Installing GSE-3 Right Side of Sauna

5. Insert right side window panel. Once again, make sure tongs and grooves are well inserted into back panel.

Installing Buckle on GSE-3 Sauna

6. Fasten the outside buckles on the sauna.


7. Insert front window panel, aligning tongs and grooves. Make sure the unfinished side is on the inside, finished side on the outside.


8. Fasten the rest of the buckles.


9. install the door handle.

Placing Roof on GSE-3 Sauna

10. Before roof installation, check all cables and push them in to help prevent damaging the wiring terminals. Push plugs for heater through holes around the top panel and then connect plugs.

Checking Roofing Wires on GSE-3 Sauna

11. When installing make sure roof is well aligned and settling into position.

Radio and Control Panel in GSE-3 Sauna

12. When installing control panel, locate flat connector wires & connect.


13. Insert stereo into mounting box prior to connecting wires. The remaining wires are for the stereo. The round wire is for the stereo antenna, and is plugged into round opening at back of stereo. Connect wires and mount to ceiling.

GSE-3 Sauna Ionizer

14. Find the black wire from ceiling near side panel plugs into ionizer. Mount the ionizer, and easily grab this wire and plug it into the ionizer. Attach dust cover to top with remaining short screws.

Installed GSE-3 Infrared Sauna

15. Lastly, plug sauna into wall and you’re ready to enjoy your Good Health Sauna.

Download a copy of our step-by-step guide (as shown above) here:

GHS step-by-step sauna installation guide