Infrared Saunas: What Makes Them Different


Ever wonder what infrared saunas are, exactly? Well, let me tell you about it…


I began looking for a personal sauna a few years ago. The problem with a traditional sauna is that I cannot stand to be inside of them for too long. I like to use a sauna to relax my sore muscles after a long day at the desk, or after a softball game. A traditional sauna bakes the air around you in order to heat your skin, and THEN your muscles.


But thankfully, I found a different and BETTER way to beat the bake! Infrared saunas are the future and I’ll tell you why.


The technology does not bake you in hot air like a convection oven. Instead, it warms you through infrared technology. Basically, you are experiencing heat the same way you would if you stepped outside in sunlight. And, the way it works is simple. Higher quality heating elements within Good Health Saunas infrared saunas is the key. You cannot see the heat but you will feel it coursing through your skin and muscles.


The infrared sauna does not heat the air around you with steam, instead, they warm you directly with infrared heat. This means the sauna room itself will remain cooler, allowing you to stay in the relaxing heat longer. I also loved how there was no stifling steam to clog my vision or my sinuses. Do you think a bun can relax in an oven? Of course not. So I went to Good Health Saunas for an infrared sauna.


I searched many places to find the best infrared sauna, and I will save you the hassle. Check out Good Health Saunas. They have the highest quality and the best customer service for infrared saunas. I encourage you to browse elsewhere of course, but you will end up back at Good Health Saunas, trust me!