Dr. Oz and Oprah on Infrared Sauna Benefits

People everywhere are discovering the wonders of infrared sauna therapy. Interest piqued considerably after medical guru Dr. Oz appeared on Oprah’s show and coached Oprah on its use. Its demonstration occurred in one of Oprah’s segments on “High Tech Ways to Extend Your Life.”

While inside the unit, Oprah noticed an increase in the feeling of warmth about her. That’s because the infrared rays can penetrate into the skin and even deeper. They are the same rays that you get from the Sun, but without the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Dr. Oz Explains Infrared Sauna Benefits

During the infrared sauna on Oprah segment it was explained well that an infrared sauna can increase your metabolism to the point where you will burn hundreds of calories without making any physical effort. People who utilize the sauna will experience a drop in their blood pressure, if that’s been a concern for them, and an overall increase in vascular circulation. The caloric burn, estimated to be as high as 600 calories in a thirty-minute session, comes from your increased heart rate.

As explained, experts believe that it will bring about a gradual increase in your core temperature as you use it. And as you perspire you will release toxins through the pores of the skin for an overall cleansing effect.

The infrared sauna technology differs from the more familiar saunas that heat the air with steam or rocks. This heat emanates from the light at the far end of the spectrum; it falls between visible rays and microwaves. For this reason it is often referred to as far infrared sauna therapy. Because it does not overheat the air but, rather, penetrates into skin and muscles, it has been put into use by NASA for its astronauts, and the neonatal units in hospitals keep babies warm with it.