Is It Safe to Use the Sauna While Breastfeeding?

Infrared saunas are used for many reasons, including health benefits. There are different kinds of saunas and heat therapies that have been used throughout history, so asking if using an infrared sauna with breastfeeding is safe is a good question.

Things To Consider When Using the Sauna While Breastfeeding

After giving birth to a new baby, new mothers are able to enjoy many things that they may have put aside while pregnant, such as coffee, sushi, and hot tubs. Saunas are usually in that list, though after discussion with your doctor, you may be to able to enjoy some of these with caution. The time while a mother is breastfeeding does require some attention when it comes to relaxing in the infrared sauna, however.

Infrared saunas and other forms of saunas are known for their effectiveness in helping the body detox from what we eat and what we come in contact with in our environment. One concern about detoxing while breastfeeding is that the toxins leaving the body can impact the breastmilk. If you have been working to maintain a healthy, clean diet and don’t need to detoxify your body too intensely, the detoxifying benefit of using a sauna may not impact your breastmilk as much. Warmth may be effective in increasing lactation in breastfeeding mothers, according to some studies, but care should be taken in using it for this purpose.

Another concern is about radiation and its impact on breastmilk. Infrared saunas work by sending light waves just like sunlight to heat the body; these light waves are not a dangerous form of radiation for most people, though pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with certain medical conditions should see their doctor before using a sauna.

Ways to Safely Use the Sauna While Breastfeeding

Though your doctor should always be consulted, it is generally recommended to keep your infrared sauna trips short and infrequent, and to even avoid breastfeeding for 24 hours after a sauna session. A good rule of thumb is to always drink plenty of water, probably more than you really want, when you are using the sauna and after you get out. Replenishing your hydration and electrolyte levels will help you stay healthy and benefit from your time in sauna.