Is It Safe To Use The Sauna While Pregnant?

Saunas and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can often come along with an aching back, sore feet, and some general discomfort of the body. With caution, a sauna may be a relaxing experience for women who are pregnant, but only with the supervision of your doctor.

Benefits to Using the Sauna

A sauna provides relief for sore muscles, so it would seem like a good idea to use it to relieve discomfort while pregnant. Saunas help us to relax, detoxify, relieve stress, and recover, but they must be used with caution and awareness. Always consult your doctor before soaking in a hot tub or relaxing in a sauna, from the moment you are aware of your condition. A sauna is usually a wooden room with controlled high temperatures. Often associated with sweating and high humidity, some saunas offer a dry heat for a different type of experience. Sweating can help detoxify the body and high temperatures can relax mind and muscles.

Risks of Using the Sauna

Extreme heat can be beneficial for wellness but also dangerous, for anyone, not just those who are pregnant. However, pregnant women must be a bit more careful about using heat. When you are pregnant, your body’s core temperature must be more carefully regulated. Though heat can ease pain and soreness, the increase in your body’s temperature may be dangerous to the baby’s development. This is especially true in the early stages of the pregnancy. A very high body temperature, also called hyperthermia, can cause health issues for both the mother and the infant. Among other risks, birth defects and other medical problems may result from the mother’s core temperature getting to high for an extended period of time. The mother may be more likely to suffer from dizziness, dehydration, and lower blood pressure from getting too hot.

Ways to Safely Use the Sauna While Pregnant

Keep a close eye on the temperature, and don’t let it get above about 97 degrees Fahrenheit. Set a clock as well, and don’t stay more than 10-15 minutes or so at a time. Even a few minutes at a lower temperature can help those tight muscles feel a little bit better.