Can I use Infrared Saunas with skin cancer?

A person with skin cancer can use an infrared sauna. In many cases, it is actually a recommended treatment for skin cancer. Always consult a doctor before using any alternative treatments as your doctor knows your body very well.

Infrared saunas will not spread or cause skin cancer

There are three types of Infrared wavelengths. Near, mid, and far-infrared. Near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths were studied by the International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection in 2006. They determined that skin cancer is not expected from exposure to Infrared heat. They concluded that the increased skin temperature may reduce DNA repair efficiency in rare cases. This process does not cause cancer. Other agents that cause cancer may be initiated due to a person’s genetics or their typical cell growth.

Infrared saunas can help fight skin cancer with hyperthermia (extreme heat)

Normal cells within the human body can withstand sustained temperatures produced in the infrared saunas, which operate around 130 degrees on average. Cancer cells have been seen to often die at temperatures over 113 degrees. Hyperthermia in the body makes cancer cells stand out to the immune system, differentiating them from healthy cells. Far infrared heat used in infrared saunas penetrate deep into the skin tissue, providing healing heat to specifically target and destroy many cancer cells.

Increasing blood flow to the skin.

Cancer cells in the skin spread in tissues where there is a lack of proper circulation, have a lower oxygenation, or in areas suffering from poor nutrition. Cancer cells do not survive in an oxygen rich environment. Infrared saunas increase blood flow to the entire body, including skin tissue. This results from the body’s natural reaction to heat, which increases pulse rates more than 25%. The increased blood flow rushes oxygen to the areas which in turn will aid in destruction of cancer cells. Infrared saunas can help fight cancer along with doctor treatments.