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Good Health Saunas are top-of-the-line infrared saunas safely providing a relaxing place to unwind, a long list of health benefits, and state of the art technology verified by industry experts and independent reporting agencies.

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Benefits of a good health sauna

Real Low-EMF infrared technology

Our HybridHeat technology was perfected through years of development to produce the lowest EMF levels in the industry. Our saunas are the safest and we have the independent third-party testing to prove it.

Effective & Efficient Detoxification

Infrared saunas cause vigorous sweating at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. This means better results in a more bearable environment.

Improved Recovery

Penetrating infrared light heats the body from within, increasing blood flow and simulating a fever. This helps speed up recovery from injury and illness.

Improved Heart Health

Infrared saunas have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and cause sweating - all of which help fight against heart disease.

Unmatched Relaxation

Using an infrared sauna for relaxation can significantly reduce stress levels by improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and releasing endorphins. Plus our chromotherapy feature provides a meditative aid.

Steam saunas are better than traditional saunas

An infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate beneath your skin and heat your body from within. This more efficiently raises your internal body temperature, stimulating blood flow, which improves recovery times (for both injury and illness) and detoxification efforts – all while providing a long list of beneficial side effects too.

A steam sauna inefficiently heats your body from the outside by increasing the air temperature. Steam saunas are also more expensive to install and maintain because they require drainage, water line connections, and constant cleaning to avoid mold and mildew build-up.

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EMF Tested by 3rd Party
Heat Sources on All Sides
Max 140 Degrees
Requires Standard Electrical Outlets
Simple Installation
Easy to Maintain
Not EMF Tested
1 Heat Source
Can Exceed 200 Degrees
Requires 220V Outlets
Expensive to Install
More Difficult to Maintain
Infrared saunas are better than traditional saunas

GHS infrared saunas come equipped with low-EMF heating elements on all sides, providing more even heat distribution and better health benefits.

In traditional saunas, there is 1 heat source called a “stove” that is responsible for heating the entire sauna. These stoves are not EMF tested and can exceed 200 degrees. Traditional saunas also require 220 V outlets, are expensive to install, and more difficult to maintain.

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Why Good health saunas is best
Safe & BeneficialLifetime Warranty
Easy AssemblyAnnual 3rd Party Testing

Good Health Saunas are subject to annual third-party testing to ensure the safest and most beneficial infrared sauna therapy in the industry. Our infrared saunas are easy to assemble, inexpensive to own, and come with a lifetime warranty. In short, GHS provides the highest-quality saunas at the most affordable price.

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Patrick Holland Mar 22, 2021

Morgan was great to work with and very informative. He even took a live video of the model I was considering and sent it to me. He is very honest and a pleasure to deal with. Pam and Mark came and delivered and set up/tested the sauna. They were very thorough and informative and very much a pleasure to be around and work with. The sauna itself is top notch. Works as it should and is comfortable. And you can’t beat a lifetime warranty!! Thank you to all involved!!!

Tim Leininger Mar 16, 2021

As a liscensed general contractor I know quality when I see it. I did more than enough due diligence in researching alternatives and couldn't be happier I chose GHS. Morgan was great to work with and was a huge help in choosing the correct model. For those looking to have two males. The three person is the right choice. If you're going to be using is solo or as a couple the two person is the way to go. You dont know what you're missing! I have used the sauna 5-6 days a week for months now. In a COVID world where immune support is becoming more and more important. Don't put off the decision any longer. I know I sound like a fan boy. It's because I am. My meditation practice, skin, valscularity and mental sharpness have all improved exponentially. Just say yes to yourself and order a GHS sauna, you deserve it.

Kathy Tobias Mar 15, 2021

I spend 20 to 40 minutes 3 to 4 times a week in my sauna. It helps me with the winter blues.

Amber Kwasniewski Mar 15, 2021

I love my Good Health Sauna! I've had my sauna installed over a year and use it weekly, often daily during the winter. It provides relaxing, even heat no matter if I am sitting up or reclining. The speaker system allows me to connect my phone to listen to an audio book, my favorite music or take calls without interrupting my sauna session. I highly recommend my Good Health Sauna to all of my friends and family! Their customer service is a testament to the quality of their saunas. Thank you for making this cold winter more bearable!

George Atkinson Mar 10, 2021

We use it almost everyday! Perfect way to relax after a workout or long day. Helps with the cold winter Winter months also. Wonderful investment.

Gail Ploetz Mar 04, 2021

We don’t know how we lived without this sauna! It has helped with arthritis and vascular issues. We love the downtime in the sauna listening to podcasts and audiobooks. A great investment. Our salesman, Morgan, is outstanding. Customer support is superb.

Phil Jahn Mar 03, 2021

When I was ordering this sauna, I was very impressed with the attention and service that I received. The people I was working with had to go the extra mile to get me the sauna I wanted. When It arrived, my wife and I unpacked it and put it together. No problems and it was exactly the size advertised. It has worked flawlessly since I got it, 8 months ago. We really enjoy it.

Jen Peterson Mar 02, 2021

We bought ours last spring and we love it! We use it multiple times every week after workouts and notice a decrease in muscle soreness. Great purchase!

Doug Schaaf Feb 28, 2021

We love our Good Health sauna. One of the best purchases we have made in the past few years. We feel better being in it and we use it almost every day. Sales and service was fantastic! Setup was simple and easy. Love our sauna!

Bob Coyne Feb 27, 2021

After enduring major health issues I wanted a better life. Sitting in my sauna 4x week for 30 min has made such an impact. I get a sweat going then do 30 min of stretching. Game changer. Best part is it was so easy to set up and just plug in!!

Kate Shortall Feb 26, 2021

After much research I decided to purchase from Good Health Sauna's. The experience was excellent and I am really happy with the knowledge of the sales team and the product. The sauna is a well made, affordable unit. I would highly recommend the Good Health Sauna team over another company online. They went above and beyond the average call of duty to get me my unit and have it setup at my home. 5Star Experience ! Thanks Guys ! Kate

Jennifer Jakes Feb 25, 2021

Great customer service from the start. Very communicative without being pushy. It took me a minute to be ready but when I was, Morgan was right there, always available if I had questions, installation was a breeze. I am so happy to have one in my home now! PS I purchased one because when I was gravely I’ll many years ago, infrared brought me back to life. It does everything it claims, life changing!

Holly Fetherlin Feb 23, 2021

Highly recommend Good Health Sauna. The people I worked with to find the right solution for me were amazing. The sauna helps with my sore joints. So happy and the customer service is second to none.

Dennis Robinson Feb 23, 2021

Here are sauna my thoughts: I have used my sauna sometimes on a daily basis or even a couple times a week depending on how busy I am. I find it incredibly relaxing afterwards, great to use early in the morning after exercise or a little bit before bed. The customer service has been excellent as well, checking in to make sure I've been having a great experience and helping answer any questions I might have immediately! I highly recommend!

David Gulledge Feb 15, 2021

I have had a good health sauna for years, use it daily and love it. As a chiropractor, I recommend sauna to many of my patients and feel a home unit can offer so many benefits. Great product, great customer service. Highly recommended.

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