Can You Help Depression By Using a Sauna?

How Saunas Can Help Depression

Can You Help Depression with a Sauna?


Life can be indeed wonderful. If things go well with our work and family, we might want to get in the sauna to celebrate. On the other side of the coin, sometimes life can be challenging, stressful, even tragic. We can be sad, stressed, or even depressed. Can the sauna help with these emotions and symptoms?


When we are stressed or in pain, we tense up and this is not great for our muscles. Our brain sends signals to our body to help us deal with these situations. Neurotransmitters and other chemicals are responsible for influencing feelings of happiness or sadness, our mood, and our wellbeing. Endorphins specifically play a role in the pain receptors in the brain. They travel through the whole body in the blood stream. Because of this, endorphins have been shown to relieve symptoms of depression and generally improve health. When we are in a good mood, we feel better and the things that are worrying us can seem easier to handle. And it turns out that a sauna can be a great way to release these endorphins.


Studies, including a 2005 study from Psychosomatic Medicine,  have shown that time in a heated environment such as a far infrared sauna can help symptoms of depression, lifting mood, brightening outlook, and generally improving well-being. These improvements can last a long time after even a single session in a sauna.


The heat from the infrared light source enters your body, sending signals to your brain to release the endorphins and giving you an overall sense of wellbeing. While your brain is telling your body that it is warm and happy, toxins from the world around you are being cleared out with increased circulation and sweat. This two-fold function of the infrared sauna can have a great impact on your mood and symptoms of depression. As a part of your healthy routine, regular time in an infrared sauna can impact body and spirit for the better.