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Experience all of the health and wellness benefits of an infrared sauna in your very own home, promoted by health professionals from around the world.

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Good Health Saunas are top of the line, premium infrared saunas. Not only do they provide a myriad of stress relieving health benefits, they are made of the highest FSC certified wood (hemlock and cedar), certified carbon heaters – which produces very low EMF, and certified tempered glass – ensuring a safe, and effective sauna experience.

GHS has six different saunas to choose from, ranging from one-person (GSE-1) to four-person (GSE-4) – so you have lots of options! Our 2 person saunas come in two different styles, 15 amp and 20 amp saunas. Our 15-amp sauna can plug into standard household outlets. The 20-amp sauna requires a dedicated outlet, which is typically a minor upgrade. If you have any questions regarding which sauna would best fit your needs, please contact our dedicated staff today and we will help you in the best way we can.


    Certified Low EMF Technology

    • Effective infrared heating system that provides expulsion of toxins at a safe heat level.
    • Premium carbon heating panels that have some of the lowest rated EMF levels in the industry.
    • Contains an oxygen ionizer, ensuring clean air during your sauna experience.
    • Features top-level music technology – Bluetooth, MP3, and CD player capabilities.

    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification

    • Our saunas are FSC certified, meaning they are made from wood that comes from conscientiously ran forests, and are extremely high quality.
    • These forests are environmentally, socially and economically beneficial, and of the highest standard in the industry.
    • Made with certified heaters that emit virtually no EMF’s. EMF is an electromagnetic field that produces wavelengths. Low EMF produces longer wavelengths, which go through the body at a rate that ensures a safe sauna experience.
    • All our saunas have the ISO 9001 Certification- ensuring the sauna design meets all safety requirements and has gone through quality assurance.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    • Lifetime guarantee is provided on all six offerings of Good Health Saunas.
    • Warranty covers all electrical and heating components found within the infrared saunas.
    • Includes up to a year of coverage if sauna contains an MP3 or CD player.
    • GHS will help solve and fix any of your sauna questions and problems for the lifespan of the sauna, just give us a call!
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“Just a note to let you how happy and satisfied we are with the sauna we purchased from you. Delivery was right on time, set up smooth and we use it daily when at our Michigan home. We have two saunas at this home and the other hasn’t been used since we purchased the 4-person from you. Thanks again.” – Doug Kupitz

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