Good Health Saunas HybridHeat+
  1. Infrared sauna carbon heaters
    1. Carbon Heating Elements

    GHS Carbon Heat Elements are placed around the back, feet, and ankles. These carbon heat elements produce far infrared heat, which penetrates the deepest to allow for optimal muscle recovery and relaxation.

  2. Infrared sauna graphene heaters
    2. Graphene Heating Elements

    The GHS Graphene Heat Element is placed behind the calves to help with lactic acid reduction and increase circulation. Our Graphene heating element produces mid infrared heat.

  3. Infrared sauna alloy heaters
    3. Alloy Heating Elements

    The brand new GHS Alloy Heating Elements produce soft mid infrared heat. This alloy heating element is located in front of the bench, and assists in the recovery of chronic shin splints, knee and leg surgeries, and other lower extremity ailments.

Hybrid Heat Technology

Good Health Saunas’ “low electromagnetic far-infrared heating plate” mainly uses the principle of positive and negative electrons to cancel each other. This is to reduce the input current and magnetic field intensity by passing the current through the superconducting magnetic material inside the heating plate and to eliminate the electromagnetic waves until there are almost none on the surface of the heating plate. Low-frequency electromagnetic waves are the most difficult to shield at present, and the cost of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is very high. We know that high-frequency electromagnetic waves can be shielded through metal or even ordinary obstacles, but low electromagnetic waves cannot be shielded by ordinary metals at all, which is a large obstacle in the industry.

Good Health Saunas Low EMF Hybrid Heat

Good Health Saunas took a long time to work on it, and after two years of continuous experiments, Good Health Saunas delivered. The new low-EMF infrared technology will bring revolutionary subversion in the field of human heating and health preservation. For more information on EMFs and some context on how GHS sauna’s EMF levels compare to other items, contact us. Good Health Sauna will create a brilliant tomorrow with you – see our infrared saunas.

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