Chromotherapy Infrared Saunas

GHS infrared saunas come equipped with chromotherapy lights to create a meditative environment inside your sauna. Why not let your brain benefit while the rest of your body does?

Chromotherapy Light Chart

Each color has a unique effect on our mood and can trigger subconscious responses. The influence of color over our behavior is significant enough to be implemented purposefully in marketing/branding, health care, and a wide variety of other applications. Applying these effects with therapeutic intention (Chromotherapy) has proven to be a great way to change your mood and improve your mental health. Use the table below as a basic chromotherapy guide to achieve the results your looking for.

Color TherapyWavelengthBenefits
Red620nm – 750nmIncreases energy. Improves skin smoothness.
Yellow570nm – 620nmIncreases neuromuscular tone. Reduces skin irritation. Stimulates happiness.
Green570nm – 520nmLightens hyper-pigmented skin. Stimulates calmness.
Cyan500nm – 520nmCan help treat inflamed skin. Reduces swollen capillaries. Stimulates soothing.
Blue450nm – 500nmBoosts alertness. Helps with memory. Regulates circadian rhythm.
Violet380nm – 450nmReduces stress. Can help you fall asleep.

Good Health Saunas: Chromotherapy Feature

Each one of Good Health Saunas’ models comes equipped with chromotherapy light bulbs to complete the therapeutic treatment, or to simply set the mood for however you’re feeling – or want to feel.

Chromotherapy Benefits

The effects of colors on our mind and body is far more significant than most would think. Learn more about chromotherapy and its many benefits.