July 19, 2019

Emissivity 2019 Full Report

Emissivity Certification

Microvision Laboratories Inc.

MicroVision Laboratories, Inc. provides extensive expertise in micro-analytical techniques (SEM, EDS, FTIR testing, PLM, DIC) and sample preparation since 2003.  Their cutting edge, high-performance equipment combined with their solutions-focused customer service provide critical solutions for clients hailing from a broad range of industries ranging from medical to semiconductor, and from environmental to textile. Good Health Saunas commissioned Microvision Laboratories, Inc. to perform testing on their hybrid infrared heating system, and the results were better than we could have expected.

Emissivity Test Results

Page 2 in the microvisions lab Report analysis is a chart showing time intervals (1-14min) And specific surface temperature of each heating element. Wien’s displacement law was used to covert this data into microns. A micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. This type of measurement is typically used in technological and scientific fields. The human body absorbs infrared energy from 3 to 50 Microns while it emits infrared heat near 9 µm. The hybrid heating system used by Good Health Saunas concentrates far infrared heat on the bodies core at wavelengths between 8.5µm and 9.8 µm. Good Health Saunas hybrid heating system is producing mid and far infrared heat which is proving to be vital to human health, healing, and wellness. The LED lighting system Is producing a near infrared wavelength, near infrared is beneficial for cellular health and energy production. The transfer of heat from elements to the body is also efficient and effective, with the average emissivity between .98 and 1.

Why Is A Good Emissivity Reading Important?

Knowing what each part of an infrared sauna does is important, and, according to NPL, having knowledge of surface emissivity is also important both for accurate non-contact temperature measurement and for heat transfer calculations. Radiation thermometers detect the thermal radiation emitted by a surface, and they are generally calibrated using blackbody reference sources that have an emissivity as close to 1 as makes no practical difference.