Infrared Saunas – Carbon Vs Ceramic Heaters

There are extreme differences between traditional ceramic heaters in older saunas, and the carbon heaters used in Infrared Saunas. Carbon heaters can operate at a lower temperature due to the heating wavelength of infrared technology. The traditional ceramic heaters have to heat up well over 150 degrees to heat the entire sauna. Sweating occurs at around 115 degrees, so it is not recommended to sit inside a traditional ceramic sauna for very long.

Healthier Heating Technique

Health risks from high heat is lowered in an infrared sauna which heats with Carbon heaters. The longer wavelengths and lower temperature used inside, heat the room quickly and efficiently. The old style ceramic heaters will create a hotspot inside the sauna, working harder and hotter to heat the surround. Carbon distributes heat evenly on their long wavelengths. This process of warming penetrates the skin deeper than the forced heat in traditional ceramic. This results in higher detoxification and a cleaner sweat.

Energy Efficiency and Durability

The newer technology contained within carbon heaters is far more energy efficient than traditional ceramic. Carbon heaters heat the room evenly, not having to over compensate for cold spots, therefore they do not need to run as hot as old style ceramic heaters. The carbon also heats up faster, allowing a person to sit up to 15 minutes earlier. Over time this saved time from startup saves a lot of money. The carbon heaters have an average usage life of around 50,000-100,000 hours depending on carbon fiber or pure carbon filters. Traditional ceramic has a shelf life of around 5,000 hours before it becomes brittle from high heat. Eventually old ceramic can crack or even shatter.

Using Carbon and High End Ceramic Together

Many infrared saunas use carbon heaters alongside newer high end ceramic heaters. These new specialty ceramic heaters coupled with the carbon heaters provide a relaxing environment, while remaining safe and energy efficient. High end ceramic heaters combined with carbon heaters is a technique used in infrared saunas to provide all the health benefits and muscle relaxation expected of the best infrared saunas.