Infrared Saunas – How to Use Time Limits, Usage Guidelines, etc.

Using an infrared sauna can reap an incredible amount of rewards. But before you hop in, it’s important to know infrared sauna time limits, usage guidelines, and other tips for your sauna session.

Infrared Sauna Usage Guidelines

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your infrared sauna safely:

1. Warm up the sauna to the temperature of your choice

For a far infrared sauna, most people set the temperature for anywhere between 100-140 degrees. If you are a beginner, and particularly if you are not in great health, you’ll want to start at 100 degrees or less. This way you’ll give yourself a chance to get used to the heat.

It’s okay to get in after 10-15 min. after you’ve turned it on, even if the temperature is not up to your target temperature yet (infrared sauna time limits can vary, but typically that is more than enough time to wait before you hop in). It doesn’t take longer than that for infrared sauna heaters to warm up, and once they do, you’ll be getting the infrared heat effect. The infrared-emitting heaters will be on continuously until the heat gets up to the temperature you set.

(Please note: For traditional saunas, most people set the temperature for anywhere between 160-200 degrees. Be mindful as this is not a traditional sauna).

2. Drink Water

Have a glass of water before you enter the sauna. Take some water with you into the sauna as well. This is the most important “how to use a sauna” step! Other good drinks to take into the sauna with you would be a sports electrolyte replacement drink (or coconut water, which is nature’s electrolyte replacement drink!). It’s important to stay hydrated, as your body will sweat.

3. Bring a Towel With You Into The Sauna

You’ll need a towel to sit on and a smaller towel to wipe down with once you start sweating. Remember, your body will be sending out toxins, including heavy metals, with your sweat, and you won’t want your sauna bench or floor to absorb these.

4. If possible, don’t wear clothing into the sauna

If not wearing clothing isn’t an option, then wear the absolute minimum of clothes that you can—-not more than a bathing suit, for example.

Why, you ask? Well, some people think they’ll sweat more if they enter a sauna with clothes on. This is dangerous and a mistake! When you cover your skin with clothes, your sweat can’t help cool you down by evaporating on your skin. You will quickly overheat and also lose the benefits of wiping away your toxin-loaded sweat. When you wipe away the toxin-filled sweat, the toxins don’t sit in contact with your skin and possibly be reabsorbed. Remember this, as it is one of the most important infrared sauna usage guidelines.

5. And finally, relax, reflect, listen to music, read a book, or socialize

This is your time and it’s a time to relax and reflect on your day. Try resting your eyes and mind or meditate for a while.

You may be wondering, “how long should I use an infrared sauna?