What are the Running Costs of Owning a Sauna?

You got that sauna and now you are fully enjoying the benefits of owning one. Congratulations! Once you get your sauna installed, that is not the end of the story. Yes, you will have to buy the sauna, get it installed, and buy accessories.

However, to keep your sauna in great condition and to reduce the hefty cost of having to replace one, there are some monthly running costs you have to consider with your sauna. Consider these “maintenance” fees to make sure your sauna serves you for a long time to come.

That being said, the cost of maintaining a sauna is very low. The most expensive part of your investment will be buying the sauna and getting it installed. Here are 3 running costs you should consider as a sauna owner.

Monthly Running Costs of a Sauna

  1. Electricity: You will most likely be using electricity to power and heat your sauna. Because you would love it to be nice and toasty before you step in, you will have to turn on the sauna for about 15 minutes before you step into it. If you add on the time you spend in the sauna, you will likely be using electricity for 30 minutes to an hour to power your sauna. You will see an uptick in electric bills if you use your sauna regularly. Thus electricity will be one of the very first monthly costs of being a sauna owner.
    1. How much electricity does a sauna use? This depends largely on two things: how long you use the sauna and what type of sauna you own. A two-person sauna will be quicker to use and thus might use less electricity to get to the right temperature. If you use your sauna for 20 minutes versus an hour, there will be a difference there as well. Usually, your sauna seller will be able to help you estimate how much power your sauna will use per hour. As a rough calculation, a 1000W sauna will use around 1 kWh (1 kilowatt per hour) of electricity. You can therefore calculate your costs by multiplying how much energy your sauna uses by how much your electric company charges you for 1 kilowatt per hour.
  2. Cleaning supplies: To keep mold and bacteria out of your sauna, you must clean it regularly. We don’t recommend that you use harsh cleaning products for your sauna. The steam from the sauna can mix with those cleaning products to create harmful fumes. Using milder cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar is a much better option. Most of the time, you may have these products at home. If you don’t, this is something you will add to your monthly running costs of being a sauna owner.
  3. Laundry supplies: If you use towels or cushions in your sauna, you will have to wash them to keep them nice and dry to use the next time. If you throw this into your weekly laundry, the costs are minuscule. However, if you were looking for a third monthly running cost, laundry and laundry supplies would be the third one on the list.

Other costs for your sauna may include replacing broken parts. This however is usually not a monthly running cost but a cost that may be incurred once in a year or longer.

As you can see, the costs of running your infrared sauna are very low. Ready to make your investment for good health? Call us today.

How Can I Get the Best Deal on a Sauna?

Getting the best deal on a sauna should be easy. Online numerous saunas overwhelm users who eventually give up their search and settle on the cheapest sauna. A cheap sauna is not always the best deal. When searching for infrared saunas, make special note of your needs and the accessories you desire. Once you have those factors considered you can compare pricing.

Which Sauna is Right for Me?

The first thing to determine is the user count. If you have a family of four the cheapest single-person sauna is not the best deal for you. Imagine four family members waiting in line to use the sauna. If you have a large family and plan on hosting guests you will need to make sure that your sauna can seat four adults comfortably. If you plan on being the only user of your sauna, then a single-person sauna may be the ideal choice for you. Once you determine the seating capacity you can move on to features.

Features and assets

Bargain basement-priced infrared saunas do not have all the right elements included for a healthy sauna. Good Health Saunas offer amazing health benefits and luxury items at an included affordable price. Their extremely LOW EMF/EMC & ELF GHS Carbon Flat Panel heating elements have been consistently tested to be rated as one of the lowest levels in the industry. They use a high-tech easy-to-read digital control panel. Their saunas include chromotherapy and an oxygen ionizer. Buying these elements separately would result in overpaying for a cheap sauna that lacks these additions. Make sure that your sauna is made from a high-quality and durable exterior and interior material. Good Health Saunas are made from a durable and beautiful Canadian Hemlock or a Certified Canadian Cedar Wood. These materials are both excellent choices but will help you determine the price that fits you. Good Health Saunas include an auxiliary entertainment system for music from your devices while you relax. Inquire for pricing on both types of wood exterior for your sauna purchase.

Inquiring for pricing

Always make sure your sauna has an included lifetime warranty. Many cheap saunas do not include a lifetime warranty and those that do have very limited warranties. By choosing a GoodHealth Sauna you will have an included lifetime warranty with every sauna purchase. Once you’ve found the right sauna for you based on these specific requirements you can inquire for pricing. By inquiring for pricing you know you will be given the right price for your needs. Many companies offer the same price to every patron despite giving them no add-ons. By inquiring specifically you are guaranteed the best price for the sauna you are after from GoodHealth Saunas.

How Much Do Infrared Saunas Cost?

Many Good Health Saunas® range between $5-10k. As with any purchase, you’ll get what you pay for. At GHS®, we’re proud to offer high-quality, effective saunas that deliver real results.

From the materials that go into your sauna, to the benefits you’ll get from it, we work hard to ensure that your sauna is a high-value purchase at an affordable cost.

A Price to Match Any Budget

It’s hard to put a price on the ability to relax, relieve stress, expel toxins, deep clean skin, increase blood flow, burn calories, control weight, strengthen your immune system, and improve your overall health in the privacy of your own home. However, the cost of a sauna typically depends on the quality, size, and personalized accessories. Be sure to check out our range of infrared saunas and consider the features that are most important to you. Then, simply give us a call at 1-888-997-2862 or fill in the short contact form on our Contact Us page to learn more about GHS® pricing.