Oxygen Ionizers for Infrared Saunas

An oxygen ionizer is an electric device that can be part of your infrared sauna. Oxygen ionizers purify the air through a process that leaves the air you breathe inside the sauna fresher and clean. Ionizers can remove allergens such as pet dander, pollen, and dust. Ionizers have the added benefit of removing nasty odors from the air. The clean air resulting from the ionizer will create an atmosphere to calm as well as the sauna itself. Finally, some airborne bacteria strains can be removed with an ionizer. This will give the user a safer, cleaner environment in which to breathe.

How does it work?

Oxygen ionizers create a safe electrical charge that courses through the air. This produces negatively charged ions which remove particles from the air. The positively charged static on dust, pollens, bacteria, and mold are attracted to the negatively charged ions produced. The dust and allergens collapse when they are joined and gathered in the filters. Always clean any filters and sweep the floors to remove the captured dust and mold particles.

Does an ionizer cost extra?

All models from the Good Health Saunas selection from GSE-1 to GSE-4 include an oxygen ionizer. They are built into the system to save the sauna owner in the long run. No need to purchase a separate ionizer which could run as high as one hundred dollars.