What is near-infrared light?

Near-infrared (NIR) is closest to the visible light spectrum with wavelengths between 700 – 1400 nm. Near-infrared feels hot because it does not penetrate deep into the body, otherwise magnifying its energy on the skin. This composes most of the sun’s infrared spectrum and plays a critical role in ATP production in our cells.

Some of the many benefits of near-infrared therapy…

Near-infrared wavelengths have been found to have a variety of beneficial properties:

The most popular uses for near-infrared sauna therapy…

  1. Topical skin therapy. Because near-infrared doesn’t penetrate deep into the body, the vast majority of its energy and healing properties apply directly to the skin. This can help improve the healing of surface-level injuries like cuts, bruises, and scarring, while also promoting skin cell health.
  2. Near-infrared light has gained increased attention for its ability to activate anti-inflammatory processes. This is thanks to it being able to increase blood flow to inflamed areas and stimulate the mitochondria of cells, producing more anti-inflammatories and other disease-fighting antioxidants.

GHS Low EMF, Far Infrared Saunas

Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Good Health Saunas feature real full-spectrum infrared light. This means in addition to near infrared therapy, our saunas also provide the benefits of mid infrared and far infrared light.

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