Books that will teach you about Infrared Sauna Therapy

Many infrared sauna books talk about the health benefits of using a sauna. Below we have a list and brief synopsis of a few sauna therapy books that dive deep into the pros of using far-infrared heat for your health.

“Detoxify or Die” by Sherry A. Rogers

This sauna therapy book by Sherry A. Rogers discusses how people with the most severe forms of heart disease and resistant to all medications, tolerate infrared saunas with no side effects. Most importantly, it improved their heart health in a Mayo Clinic study within 3 short weeks. Of course, it is recommended to continue longer, say a year or longer daily or every other day saunas for an hour or less to completely lower stored chemicals that cause disease.

She also reports that mysterious joint pain in war veterans exposed to Agent Orange also disappeared, as did a host of other pain syndromes. Dr. David W. Schnare, Esq. Ph.D. of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also showed that not only did a sauna reduce body levels of HCB (hexachlorobenzene) and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in electrical workers, for example, but it did this even though the men were continually exposed at work. This is the only method of detoxification evidenced in current nutritional, medical, and biochemical literature capable of significantly reducing or eliminating stored toxic residue with scientifically proven safety, according to Dr. Schnara, Science Advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Detox Diets for Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan & Matthew Brittain Phillips

“Detox Diets for Dummies” goes into detail about how saunas are great for flushing out the toxins that build up in your body’s fat cells. Your kidneys are detoxification powerhouses, and the intense sweating you can enjoy while spending time in a sauna can clear out about one-third of the toxic material that your kidneys remove from your bloodstream.

This book breaks down to discuss how multiple studies have shown that saunas are effective in removing solvents, organic chemicals, PCBs, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metal toxins from the human body.

Other Infrared Sauna Therapy Books

Be sure to check out other infrared sauna therapy books as shown above, such as: “The High Blood Pressure Hoax!”, “Tired or Toxic?”, “The Seven Pillars of Health”, “Chemical Sensitivity”, and “Cancer Kills”.