Outdoor Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas can be installed indoors or outdoors. While there are pros and cons to each location, it depends on your preference for use.

Where to put the infrared sauna outside.

Because infrared saunas do require electricity to function, installing them in proximity to an adequate outlet will be the major consideration when choosing a location. If you are putting the sauna outside, make sure it is close enough to a GFI outlet with enough capacity.

The other major thing to take into consideration when you are trying to decide where to put your infrared sauna is space. You will need enough space for the unit you wish to install, whether it is a one-person sauna, two-person, three-person, or even larger.

Constructing the infrared sauna outside.

Venting can be easier to install for an outdoor sauna because you obviously will not have to consider the surroundings and fixtures that may be impacted by an indoor sauna.

An outdoor sauna will require more attention to the details of the structure itself, making sure it is up to local building codes, safe, and able to withstand local elements including heat, snow, wind, etc. In some areas, you may want to construct an awning or covering to help protect the structure from weather damage.

Because infrared saunas use light waves to reach your cells and don’t warm the air around you in the same way that traditional saunas do, it may be more difficult to get all the benefits of warmth and sweating if the outdoor sauna is not well-insulated. If the temperature outside of the sauna is too cold, it may not be as comfortable to use the sauna and you may not get all the benefits of a more controlled environment. When placing your infrared sauna outdoors, take extra care to insulate the structure to keep in adequate heat.