Do infrared saunas need to be vented?

A far infrared sauna is a small space where you can enjoy quiet, relaxation, and health alone or, depending on the size, with a friend or two. The sauna is usually made out of wood and has four sides, a floor, and a roof, so airflow is important. Just like a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna does need to be vented.

What does venting the infrared sauna do?

To allow heat to properly flow through the sauna, you will need an intake vent on one side, usually a small gap under the door or something similar. This allows cool air to get in. Because heat and hot air rises upwards, the outtake vent should be high up on the opposite wall.

This outtake vent allows stale air to exit the sauna. The hot air flow keeps the temperature more even and makes it more comfortable to breathe in the sauna during use.

The vents also help promote drying out of the wood between uses, keeping the environment healthy.