Infrared Sauna Guarantee

The Good Health Sauna warranty provides a lifetime guarantee on all GHS sauna heaters and all electrical components of our infrared saunas. Additionally, the sauna warranty covers up to a year of coverage if there is a CD player/MP3 player that comes with your sauna.

How long will it take for my good health sauna to be shipped?

The typical ship time for a Good Health Sauna typically a week with nationwide distribution. We ship out our saunas ASAP as we strive to provide quick and prompt service and delivery. If you ever have any issues with shipping times/delivery, please give us a call at 888.99.SAUNA (72862).

Will I have to hire an electrician?

When it comes to the 1 person saunas and 2 person saunas, you will typically use a standard household electrical outlet. These outlets are rated at 120v, with most rated at 15 amps – so there would be no need to hire an electrician. As for the 3 person saunas and 4 person saunas, they require a 20 amp dedicated outlet, which needs to be done by a professional. Thankfully all the electric work needed is typically pretty inexpensive – so it won’t break the bank for you to hire a professional!

Additional questions about our sauna warranty?

Please feel free to reach out to Good Health Saunas at any time! We are happy to help facilitate any concerns, comments, or questions you may have about our infrared saunas and warranty/guarantee!

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