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“I am a organic man living a supernatural life. I would not put my dad or my self in nothing but the best and good health sauna delivers that. I work at the fire department and we have the 4-person sauna. This sauna is literally used everyday and gets beat up. Everybody loves it and still haven’t heard one complaint.” – Luke Amann

“Bought are sauna last year at the MN State Fair. This by far has been a great investment in my family’s health. It was delivered and set up in minimal time. It has been absolutely maintenance free. Best deal and the best value.” – Rob Miller

“We bought our sauna over two years ago and have had great service and enjoyment with our Good Health Saunas. Although I enjoy using it and use is mostly in the winter months, my husband uses is all the time. If he’s come in from the cold and is chilled, or if he is feeling under the weather he always feels better after sitting in the sauna. Thank you for a great product!” – Theresa Rolf

“I have had my good health sauna since 2009 and use it daily. I’ve tried other infrared saunas but they don’t get as hot and don’t seem to perform as well as my GHS.” -Justin Radichel

“I bought a Good Health Sauna a few years ago to help me with my lyme disease. Not only did my sauna help me during treatment, but my entire family now uses it! we all love our sauna and GHS has been so helpful from start to finish. I highly recommend this company due to their excellent customer service and the many health and wellness benefits of their product.” – Anne Fuller


“I bought my sauna at the Erie County Fair in August last year. It got a lot of use all through the fall, winter, and well into spring. I expect it will get even more use in the coming months as it is so nice to sit and relax and I truly feel great after each use. It is so relaxing and I can listen to music and read. I would highly recommend it!” – Sandy Spencer

“Bought a sauna couple weeks ago at the Oklahoma Home and Garden Show. Sauna was delivered right after the home show. It’s easy to use and love the stereo inside. Thanks GHS for excellent service!” – Ryan Frank

“This is such a great addition to our home and health, thank you again GHS for building a product that works so well and goes together so easily, we had it up and running in about an hour. It looks beautiful in my home and after my first sauna session in my 3-person corner unit I can’t wait to do it again and again! – Sara Miller

“We stopped in tonight at the Minnesota Star Fair to see our “Sales Therapist”, Jeff Anderson. We just wanted to let him know we too as so happy with our 3 person sauna purchase we made at the 2014 fair. Great for stretching and relaxation. WE LOVE OUR SAUNA!-The York’s