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Good Health Saunas is proud to provide top-of-the-line infrared saunas that deliver the most impactful results for overall health and wellness. Our infrared saunas have been recognized by various experts in the industry – doctors, world-class athletes, trainers, and physical therapists – to be the best infrared saunas on the market. We encourage you to read through our variety of testimonials to help validate why Good Health Saunas is the right choice when purchasing an infrared sauna.

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Meet the Doctors & Experts

Ben Askren

Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist, Olympian

Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist, Olympian

Chellsie Memmel

Olympic Gymnast

World-Class Gymnast, 2x World Champion, Olympian

Carl Lanore

Dedicated Podcast to Human Performance, Strength, Fitness, Health and Nutrition

Super Human Radio

Dr. Dan Farah

Palmer College of Chiropractic 1985

Doctor of Chiropractic


Saunafied: Massage & Sauna Spa

Massage & Sauna Spa

Jordan Rabe

Masters in Sports Science from Carroll University

Personal Trainer

Kelly DeBerg

AURA Salt Cave


Mike Laube

Bachelor of Science in Exercise from Illinois State University

Personal Trainer

Ashley Hanley

Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mount Mary University

Registered Nurse

Evelyn Spruill

License from the New York Institute of Massage in Buffalo, NY

Massage Therapist

Written Testimonials

Ben Askren is a world-class wrestler, grappler, mixed martial artist, and U.S. Olympian from Wisconsin. He recently retired from professional fighting after one of the most illustrious combat sports careers ever. Before fighting in the UFC and Bellator, Ben represented the United States at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, won 2 NCAA Division I Championships (4x finalist, 153-8 collegiate record), a World Championship in submission wrestling, 2 Dan Hodge trophies (wrestling’s Heisman), and set a long list of records along the way. Askren incorporated infrared sauna therapy into his training for years, allowing him to recover faster and stay at the top of his game.

- Ben Askren, Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist, Olympian

“I love saunas, I have a sauna, I’ve always had a sauna in my life. There’s never been any long period of time where I did not get in a sauna. I’ve had illnesses that gave me a fever and I would go sit in my sauna and raise my temperature, not try to lower it, and be better that night.”

“If what a sauna does came in a pill, everybody in the country would be taking it.”

- Carl Lanore, Super Human Radio

“As a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 35 years, I have encountered many conditions that are difficult to treat, such as: whiplash, sports injuries, slips, falls, chronic posture, and degenerative conditions. All of these health issues cause inflammation, pain, and disability, but my goal is to lessen human suffering with research and proven methods to improve overall quality of life for my clients. I’m excited about the pain control, detoxification, weight loss, and health improvements that my Good Health Saunas’ infrared sauna brings to my patients. I love the construction, durability and quality of both the heating elements and hypoallergenic hemlock wood within the sauna. My clients love the warmth and benefits from the improved circulation, spasm relief, better movement, and decreased pain that they experience after an infrared sauna session. Our GHS infrared sauna has been, and always will be, a valued contributor to our treatment protocol.”

- Dr. Dan Farah, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Far-Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. By spending time in a dry sauna, you can melt away tension, eliminate toxins from your body, and relieve pain naturally. Our saunas at Saunafied were carefully chosen for their high-quality heaters which generate penetrating heat values, as well as their even heat distribution which penetrates the body from every direction. The high-efficiency system uses as little energy as possible, and the wood from which it’s constructed is kiln-dried Certified Canadian, which ensures it comes from responsibly managed forests.”

- Saunafied, Massage & Sauna Spa

“Throughout the years, I have been honored to work with individuals ranging from high-level athletes to individuals beginning their fitness journeys for the first time. No matter who you are, there remains one constant: the ability to recover from workouts is equally as important as the workouts themselves! If we don’t take the time to recover and relax both physically and mentally, we can’t get the most out of our workout sessions. Infrared sauna technology allows for the best and most efficient recovery around. The ability to heat our bodies quickly and safely allows for the right amount of circulation, relaxation, and perspiration to be able to always perform at our best!”

- Jordan Rabe, Personal Trainer

“First off, when doing research on FAR infrared saunas, I quickly became overwhelmed with the choices. There is so much marketing surrounding saunas and each company claims they have “The Best”. I quickly realized that when I drilled down to the facts, most companies were just using creative lingo. GHS was honest and upfront with all of my questions and didn’t try to talk me into anything that I didn’t need. They also didn’t charge extra for every bell and whistle. They just include them all. When I reached out to other companies during my research period, I found that others hounded me and wouldn’t stop “selling” even after I said I was no longer interested. My sales experience with GHS was pleasant the entire time.

I have two GHS infrared saunas in my facility and they’ve both been running constantly, 6 days a week for close to 3 years now. I’ve not had any problems and they are very user friendly for my staff as well as my customers! In fact, we’ve had some regular customers buy their own GHS saunas after falling in love with ours.

Our saunas were set up for us by the GHS professionals so we didn’t have to lift a finger nor spend countless hours reading directions. It was all taken care of for us and we were given training on them as well. To our surprise, our installers have come back to our facility a few times already just to check in and see if we needed any help or adjustments. In my opinion, they have gone way above and beyond and we could not be more happy with our entire experience with GHS. As far as maintenance, we clean the saunas regularly which is very easy to do, and they still look great even with all of the usage.

We serve every kind of customer. Some have acute pain, some chronic issues, many just looking to get or stay healthy, and even a Superbowl champion! The saunas truly help everyone using them and we hear day in and day out how good they make everyone feel. My mother is a long-time severe rheumatoid arthritis sufferer. The saunas help her so much that she bought one for her house so she could easily use it every day….because she noticed the difference!

I wouldn’t consider any other company for my sauna needs.”

- Kelly DeBerg, Owner


Written Testimonials

This review was a long time coming I just kept forgetting to go onto the site to review this sauna. It was such a non-drama wonderful experience. I saw the sauna at a home show here in Tucson several years ago and I asked him if I can upgrade to a three-person sauna which they did easily. Delivery was so easy and I received it sooner than I thought and even though I’m too lazy to do things like put this together, the person that did it for me said it was super easy to put together. Easy instructions and everything was right where it was supposed to be. The sauna has always been perfect. IT’S always heated the hundreds and hundreds of times I’ve used it. The Bluetooth stereo is a nice touch as are the lights. The wood is in the same shape it was when it was delivered to me 5 years ago. Definitely one of the best purchases I made. Good company good customer service.

- Jeff Gorelow, Customer

Love this Sauna had couple years! Great on my severe Asthma & Allergies! Totally helps my hives! Relaxing to hep body aches & being able to sleep!

- Lona Gearey, Customer

As a former Cheerleader, I still experience knee and back pain. I workout and have no energy after workouts, and didn’t want to get into pre-workout supplements. I recently started using the Good Health Sauna before and after my workouts. My energy has gone up substantially and my knee and back pain have subsided. My arms, legs, and back have gotten looser and I’ve never been more flexible. I would highly recommend getting a Good Health Sauna to add to your daily workout routine!

- Samantha Jane, Customer

Excellent- Purchased the 3-person cedar unit 5 years ago at the MN State Fair and love it. We use it almost every day. I use it for stress relief and arthritis and feel so much better.

- Pam Breyette-Post, Customer

I fell in love with the infrared sauna and would recommend it to my friends, family, teammates, and patients! About 2 months ago I had ACL reconstruction surgery. As a recently graduated Doctor or Physical Therapy, my physical therapist and I have spent countless hours addressing the muscle guarding and tightness surrounding my knee. After the infrared sauna this musculature was noticeably more relaxed and the joint itself moved with greater ease. There was a significant decrease in my knee pain/discomfort after the infrared sauna. I would strongly recommend the use of an infrared sauna to my patients to aid in their recovery- physically, physiologically and mentally.

- Gina Scaffidi, Customer

I love using the GSE2 sauna. I work with chemicals and pesticides often in the agriculture industry. After using the sauna I felt like I had more energy and less stressed. I can see this would benefit me detoxifying after working all day. I would highly recommend anyone that works with chemicals or heavy metals to try the Good Health Sauna as it will make you feel a lot better!

- Anthony Sheard, Customer