What is EMF?

Everything, even the human body, naturally produces an electromagnetic field or EMF. Low EMFs have little effect on the human body. Some benchmarks for low EMFs include the sun (6.7 mG), mobile phone base stations/cell towers (0.2 mG), and radar (0.3 mG). Extensive exposure to high EMFs should be avoided if possible.

EMF Emissions Sauna vs. Milligauss (mG) Distance Source
Good Health Sauna 0.27 – 0.34 mG 1 in. 1*
TV 10.2 mG 1 ft. 2
Personal Computer 2 – 20 mG 2 ft. 3
Microwave Oven (median) 10 mG 2 ft. 4
Dynamic Barcelona Sauna 80 mG (generously) Any 5**
Electric Range 22 mG 1 ft. 6
Microwave Oven (highest) 30 mG 2 ft. 7

*Tested annually by 3rd party VITA TECH electromagnetics in Fredericksburg, VA. The full report is complex as measurements are a function of time (as the unit heats up) and distance. The 15-page report does a good job summarizing.
** “Being generous, the lowest possible magnetic field level, which is right on top of the foot heater, is 80 milligauss.”

What the EMF numbers mean and why they matter.

Milligauss (mG) is the unit of measurement for magnetic induction, also known as electromagnetic. Almost everything is electromagnetic and, therefore, has an electromagnetic field that produces an electromagnetic field (EMF).

However, high EMF waves will damage or disrupt the natural processes of our cells. Any system in the body can be affected by high EMF. The wavelengths on the high spectrum can increase stress, alter sleep patterns causing insomnia, or even change the immunities within the very DNA of a cell. Low EMF waves are safe because they do not disrupt the body’s natural processes.

The Lowest EMF Infrared Saunas

At GHS, our saunas are subject to annual EMF testing, instead of just a one-time test like most other sauna companies. Our heating elements are tested by Vitatech and Microvision and the results confirm that our full-spectrum saunas actually produce far, mid, and near infrared light.

Third Party Safety & Quality Testing

Good Health Saunas lead the nation (USA) in 3rd party testing. We are the only company that does emissivity testing, VOC air quality testing, and EMF testing. Real full-spectrum saunas and real low-EMF provide the largest variety of benefits at the lowest possible risk. That’s why GHS is the industry standard in sauna safety and quality.

GHS Low EMF, Far Infrared Saunas

What is far infrared?

Far-infrared (FIR) is the furthest infrared from visible light on the light spectrum (wavelength between 3000 nm – 0.1 mm). It penetrates deep beneath the skin, heating our bodies from the inside out. Far-infrared acts as the primary detoxifying infrared light because it triggers fat-based sweating where most toxins are trapped.

Some of the many benefits of far infrared therapy…

Far-infrared wavelengths have been found to provide a variety of health benefits. They:

The most popular uses for far infrared sauna therapy…

  1. One of the most popular uses for far-infrared saunas is to help reduce suffering from chronic pain and injury. Because of its deep penetration into our soft tissues, far-infrared is a reliable relief for pain caused by common muscle soreness, arthritis, and injury.
  2. Everyone from professional athletes to the elderly can benefit from far-infrared therapy because it helps improve the body’s natural healing processes. It’s effectively an artificial, gentle, and temporary fever – your body’s natural response to fighting off bacteria, viruses, and other toxins that cause illness.
  3. Heat increases blood circulation, which has a wide variety of health benefits. Effective blood circulation through the body means more oxygen reaching areas that need it most. Improved blood flow has been shown to help heal skin conditions like acne and eczema, accelerate the healing of cuts and bruises, and deliver white blood cells where needed most.

Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Good Health Saunas feature real full spectrum infrared light. This means in addition to far infrared therapy, our saunas also provide the benefits of mid infrared and near infrared light.

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