What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field – an area of electric and magnetic forces caused by electromagnetic radiation. EMFs are measured in units of gauss (G), or milligauss (mG) which are 1000 times smaller than gauss.

Everything, even the human body, naturally produces EMFs. Low EMFs have little-to-no effect on the human body. Some benchmarks for low EMFs include the sun (6.7 mG), mobile phone base stations/cell towers (0.2 mG), and radar (0.3 mG). However extensive exposure to high EMFs should be avoided if possible.

Here’s how the EMF levels of GHS infrared saunas compare to other everyday items.

EMF Emissions Sauna vs.Milligauss (mG)DistanceSource
Good Health Sauna0.27 – 0.34 mG1 in.1*
TV10.2 mG1 ft.2
Personal Computer2 – 20 mG2 ft.3
Microwave Oven (median)10 mG2 ft.4
Dynamic Barcelona Sauna80 mG (generously)Any5**
Electric Range22 mG1 ft.6
Microwave Oven (highest)30 mG2 ft.7

*Tested annually by 3rd party VITA TECH electromagnetics in Fredericksburg, VA. The full report is complex as measurements are a function of time (as the unit heats up) and distance. The 15-page report does a good job of summarizing.
** “Being generous, the lowest possible magnetic field level, which is right on top of the foot heater, is 80 milligauss.”

What the EMF measurements mean & why they matter.

Milligauss (mG) is the most common unit of measurement for EMFs. As you can see from the table above, almost everything has an electromagnetic field and, therefore, produces EMFs. The vast majority of everyday objects produce a safe level of EMFs and do not pose any serious health risk.

The Risks & Health Effects of High EMFs

However, high EMF levels will damage or disrupt the natural processes of our cells. Any system in the body can be affected by high EMFs. The wavelengths on the high spectrum can increase stress, cause insomnia by disrupting sleep patterns, and cause several related symptoms.

Some commonly reported symptoms of high EMF exposure include headaches, increased anxiety, nausea, and fatigue. Though there is no conclusive evidence, some studies suggest exposure to high EMF levels may even be linked to an increased risk of cancer (it’s important to note other studies have come to the opposite conclusion, so there is no widely accepted conclusion at the time of this page being published).

There is conclusive evidence that low EMF waves are safe and do not disrupt any of the body’s natural processes.

Good Health Saunas: The Lowest EMF Infrared Saunas

At GHS, our saunas are subject to annual EMF testing, instead of a one-time test like most other sauna companies. Our heating elements are tested by Vitatech and Microvision.

In the video below, we test the EMF levels produced by our infrared saunas versus the average “cheap” infrared sauna you can buy at Costco, Amazon, Sam’s Club, and other online retailers.

Third-Party Safety & Quality Testing

Good Health Saunas leads the nation (USA) in 3rd-party testing. We are the only company that does emissivity testing, VOC air quality testing, and EMF testing. Real full-spectrum infrared saunas (far-infrared, mid-infrared, & near-infrared) and real low-EMF levels provide the largest variety of benefits at the lowest possible risk. It’s why Good Health Saunas is the industry standard in sauna safety and quality.

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