The Safety of Infrared Saunas

There will always be studies that show inconclusive data for long-term effects. However, the obvious short-term benefits are not disputed. The pain management and detoxification benefits are great when used regularly and for the correct amount of time for each session. Use the infrared sauna daily for best results. Sessions should last about 20 minutes. Patients treated with infrared should consult a doctor before switching treatments. The sauna can be used as a supplemental treatment, working with their current treatment.

Is the heat used in infrared saunas dangerous?

No – the heat is not dangerous, so let us tell you what the infrared saunas are. Infrared saunas use far-infrared light to create heat. The wavelengths for infrared cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they create the penetrating heat that warms the body. Traditional saunas use hot steam to create heat. This process only warms the air around the user, which in turn, heats their skin. Infrared heat is far more useful in that it penetrates deep into the tissue, warming the body below the skin. The heat penetrates through the skin, muscle tissue, and tendons. Infrared saunas produce the same and greater benefits as a traditional sauna with less energy, no steam, and higher safety.

Are saunas safe enough to not cause cancer?

Cancer affects millions of people in the US alone. With no cure, anyone can be affected. Infrared saunas cannot cause cancer. They can potentially slow or stop the spread in affected patients. There is no link between the soothing heat in infrared saunas and the creation of cancer. Always consult a doctor before using far-infrared saunas as a treatment for cancer.
The term Infrared Radiation, or IR, sounds dangerous. The story is as simple as a dangerous-sounding description. We experience Infrared Radiation every second of every day. Quite simply, IR is heat. The heat that we feel from the sun is all around us, every hour of every day. Many people originally confused infrared radiation with ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet Radiation, or UV, can cause skin cancer or damage the eyes if looking directly into the sun. The myth stems from this confusion between the two. Remember, Infrared Rad is not bad. Ultraviolet is ultra-violent.

Infrared is safe enough to use in hospitals and with newborns

Infrared heating elements have been used in neonatal beds to keep newborn babies warm for years. Doctors use near-infrared spectroscopy for noninvasive measurements, and tissue oxygenation at bedside in intensive care. The infrared heat increases blood flow.
Infrared saunas increase blood flow to the entire body, including skin tissue, lungs, brain, heart, and more. This results from the natural reaction to heat, which increases pulse rates by more than 25%. The increased blood flow rushes oxygen to the areas which in turn will aid in the development of the newborn. The comparison with an adult is the same result. Adults need oxygen to all parts of the body and with infrared heat applied daily, the rate of flow will increase.

What other symptoms can be safely treated with infrared?

Infrared saunas are a noninvasive supplemented treatment for many conditions. Chronic heart problems can be treated with a doctor’s recommendation. The sauna will normalize the blood pressure and protect against stress caused by a lack of oxygen. This prevents the arteries from hardening. If a user has type 2 diabetes, an infrared sauna can improve their quality of life with their normal treatments. The detoxification resulting from excessive sweating helps remove impurities from the body. This keeps the arteries moving, preventing blockages. The weight-loss benefit from the heat also improves those with type 2 diabetes. Finally, patients suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia will find that they experience far less pain while being treated with an infrared sauna. The sauna relaxes stiff muscles and joints. The painful symptoms for both conditions can be minimized with the penetrating heat from an infrared sauna. The traditional sauna they may have tried in the past will have been steam on the skin. This shortcoming of the traditional sauna is absent with infrared saunas. The invisible heat comes from light and works its way deep beneath the skin, heating the affected painful areas directly.

Safely detox the body with a sauna

Detoxing the body with infrared heat is a smart way to stay healthy. The high rate of blood flow combined with the direct heat causes the body to expel impurities. The resulting detox can improve many facets of the body’s functionality. Benefits from detox are improved sleep, a clear mind, and stronger muscles. The muscles and joints are also loose. The tightness many feel after a day at work is wiped away with the penetrating heat.

Safety guidelines for using an infrared sauna

Generally, infrared rays are safe for humans. When you use an infrared sauna, you are exposed to the same heat rays from the sun without the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause sunburns and in extreme circumstances, cancers.

Infrared rays are so safe that hospitals use them to warm up baby incubators for premature children. Thus, using an infrared sauna is safe and has multiple health benefits.

However, like with anything good, it is important to observe certain infrared sauna safety guidelines so that you and your family can enjoy it without injury.

8 infrared sauna safety guidelines you should always heed

1. Always make sure your sauna is not hotter than 140F.

Most sauna manufacturers have designed your infrared sauna so that it cannot be heated above 140F. Therefore, you will not typically have to worry about that issue.
However, accidents happen and the thermostat in your sauna could be broken. If that is the case, your infrared sauna could get overheated and cause burns. To avoid burns from happening, it is always helpful to check the temperature of your infrared sauna before you use it.

2. If children use the sauna, make sure to supervise them.

Unfortunately, innocent mistakes cost parents their children each year. If your children use the sauna, you should never leave them in there unsupervised. It will only take a few minutes for a child to get burned from the heat or to lose consciousness because the infrared sauna is so hot.
Even if your children don’t use the sauna, make sure to keep it locked when you are not using it. It is also helpful for you to educate your children on the dangers of getting stuck in your infrared sauna.

3. Don’t smoke in your sauna

The gases from tobacco can create a toxic breathing environment for everyone.

4. Avoid using toxic chemicals to clean your sauna

We highly recommend that you use a 10% vinegar solution or baking soda solution to clean your infrared sauna. Many commercially available cleaning products contain chemicals that easily create toxic fumes when they come into contact with heat.
To avoid inhaling these toxic chemicals, it is important not to use anything but mild cleaners in your sauna.

5. Avoid sitting in your infrared sauna for longer than 40 minutes

By 40 minutes, you should have gotten all the health benefits an infrared sauna can provide. Because an infrared sauna heats you directly, your body can become overheated. This can cause your skin to burn.

6. Rehydrate after you use an infrared sauna.

Drink water and cool yourself after you use an infrared sauna. You just exposed yourself to a lot of heat and chances are you lost a lot of water in there.

7. Take care of your skin

As mentioned above, your skin and other tissues dry up in an infrared sauna. Apply lotion to your skin to reintroduce some of that moisture.

8. Report any failures to a certified service person

If you experience any failures with your infrared sauna and you use it regularly, it is important to report those failures to your manufacturer or certified service person so the faults can be fixed. Fixing the faults now will prevent avoidable accidents later.

What are the infrared sauna risks?

Infrared saunas work a bit differently from traditional heat or steam saunas. Infrared saunas use light waves that penetrate the cells and muscles without heating the air around the body as much. Are these light waves dangerous? What are the risks associated with using an infrared sauna?

Is it safe to use an infrared sauna?

While using an infrared sauna can have a lot of benefits for many conditions and general health and well-being, it is not a magical cure-all and should not be relied on solely for the treatment of any illness or condition. A doctor should always be consulted on any comprehensive treatment plan.

As with anything powerful enough to greatly benefit your health, caution should be exercised by anyone interested in investing time and energy in an infrared sauna. Risks include getting heat issues like hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.
Other dangers include using an infrared sauna with certain health conditions or illnesses such as heart disease, adrenal suppression, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and eczema.

While using an infrared sauna can be done quite safely, risks are increased by consuming alcohol or other substances during an extended session. Some medical procedures will require more caution, such as silicone implants. Silicone implants can also pose a risk for someone using an infrared sauna because of the way silicone absorbs the waves.

How to use an infrared sauna safely?

An infrared sauna has shown benefits for conditions like congestive heart failure and blood pressure issues, as well as diabetes and stress-related symptoms. Many chronic fatigue and pain-related problems can also find some relief from time in a sauna.

An infrared sauna can be used very safely with a little planning and common sense. Following the same rules as are standard with exercise, drink plenty of water during and after a session. Consult your doctor before starting a routine if you have a medical condition or any concerns about your health. Pay attention to how your body feels while in the sauna and get out immediately if you feel ill, hot, dizzy, or otherwise not well. Keep a timer visible and get out somewhere between 10-40 minutes depending on your goals and tolerance.