Are All Infrared Saunas The Same?

There are many different types of saunas (traditional, steam, etc.), but when it comes to infrared saunas specifically, the differences are few, but important to note.

Infrared Sauna Differences

Price and Size of Saunas

One of the places you’re going to find infrared sauna differences is in the size and price of the sauna. As far as size is concerned, saunas are available for 1 person, 2 people, 3 people, and 4 people. Depending on how many people you would like to fit in your sauna (either on a daily basis, or if you have company over), will determine the size of the sauna and what infrared sauna type you purchase.

With price, depending on the size of the sauna the price will obviously go up. The price also differs in between different brands of infrared sauna types. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck (GHS are some of the most affordable on the market, so be sure to compare and contrast).

Heaters Used In Sauna

One of the other main differences between infrared saunas is the material used to make the emitter: carbon or ceramic. While both types effectively work, the size of the heater and the heat intensity can differ. Although both types work effectively, the main difference comes in the size of the heater and the heat intensity experienced.

When the two emitters are compared, the slightly higher choice is a carbon sauna. Although some people may opt for the ceramic one, the carbon one is generally considered to be superior. (Thankfully for you, our GHS saunas include both – with carbon being the more predominant!) However, carbon heaters spread heat more evenly and have the advantage of penetrating your body more evenly. have the advantage of spreading heat more evenly around the sauna unit. When it comes to choosing ceramic heaters, some saunas offer solid ceramic and incoloy. Steer towards the solid ceramic, as the quality is generally higher.

At Good Health Saunas, our heaters have been third-party tested by Vitatech Electromagnetics, LLC, and they have been proven and certified to emit very low electromagnetic fields (EMF). This testing is important to quality assurance, as the infrared sauna industry is still unregulated. With a GHS infrared sauna, you know you’re receiving a quality, safe, and enjoyable system.