Infrared saunas vs. traditional saunas


Before we compare traditional saunas to the infrared saunas designed by Good Health Saunas®, we’d like to first explain what a traditional sauna is and how they work. Water is then heated by the stones or stove in order to heat and humidify the room through the release of steam. Traditional saunas work by heating the surface of the skin, which then warms the underlying muscles and tissues. Too much time in a traditional sauna can cause heat-related exhaustion and dehydration.

In contrast to traditional saunas, the infrared energy in infrared saunas directly heats the skin, tissues, and muscles without the need to dramatically warm the air around you. This ensures the radiant energy goes to the areas of the body where you need them the most, without stifling the user with hot steam. Plus, since the inside of an infrared sauna is cooler than a traditional, steam-based sauna, you can spend more time enjoying all the health and relaxation benefits that come with the experience.

Studies comparing infrared saunas to traditional saunas showed only the infrared variety to help improve brain function, reduce blood pressure, and assist in real weight loss (not simply loss of water weight).