What Is EMF?

The world and even the human body all naturally produce EMF. EMF is an electromagnetic field. Most technology produces higher artificial electromagnetic fields. EMFs are measured as wavelengths. The high end of the spectrum have waves that are taller and closer together. This radiation from the field is intense and can damage the body. On the other end, low EMF produces long, wide wavelengths. These pass through a body with barely any reaction within the system.

What is the benefit of low EMF?

Low EMF passes through the body at very low wavelengths. The very benefit is that low EMF allows the body to continue to run exactly as it should. These wavelengths do not upset the natural EMFs that cells in the human body produce. High EMF waves will damage or disrupt the natural processes that cells produce.

Symptoms from high EMF.

Any system in the body can be affected by high EMF. The crushing wavelengths on the high spectrum can increase stress, alter sleep patterns causing insomnia, or even change the immunities within the very DNA of a cell. Symptoms include a loss of sleep, rashes or itching in the skin, pain or discomfort in muscles, and even burning sensations in the eyes.

Which Infrared Sauna is the best with low EMF?

Good Health Saunas produces saunas with very low EMF readings. The electromagnetic field was tested and approved by Vitatech Electromagnetics.