Are Infrared Saunas Good for Your Skin?

An infrared sauna offers health benefits to just about every major organ in your body, and your skin is no exception. It all comes down to circulation and detoxification.

Skin Health Benefits of Good Circulation

An infrared sauna’s deep-penetrating heat improves blood flow, pumping the nutrients and oxygen blood delivers to ever single cell in your body. When your skin cells don’t get the blood flow they need, you can end up looking aged and fatigued due to a sallow complexion, dry skin, and skin spots.

But with a circulation boost from regular time in your sauna, you can boost your skin health and emerge looking (and feeling) rejuvenated and healthier.

Skin Health Benefits of Detoxification

The radiant energy of an infrared sauna is certain to help you work up a good sweat effortlessly. Remember, its deep penetration heats your core temperature first, which means you’ll sweat from the inside out, pushing all the toxins out of your skin and body leaving it looking and feeling healthier. Regular sauna use can also help control skin inflammation, minimizing the constant itch associated with common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Safe Light

Although the infrared band of light is found in sunlight, it will not cause you to tan or prematurely age your skin. Infrared saunas are actually quite beneficial in this way, helping to detoxify and clarify the skin without the dangers of UV light.