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Detoxification Study of 911 Rescue Workers

A sauna detoxification study of New York Rescue Workers was done after the building collapsed on September 11th, 2001. When the towers fell, massive amounts of toxins were released, and the firemen, policemen, and other rescue and cleanup workers bore the brunt of this disaster.

Details of the Sauna Detox Case Study

As you might expect, acute respiratory distress was common in this group of New York Rescue Workers. However, over the subsequent weeks and months, a significant number of these individuals experienced a wide range of health issues, including gastrointestinal complaints, worsening pulmonary problems, depression, irritability, and cognitive disorders.

From September 2002 through September 2005, more than 500 of these rescue workers, the majority of them firefighters between the ages of 35 and 45, completed this sauna detoxification project, and the results were astounding.

Before treatment, which averaged 33 days, they missed a median of 2.1 days of work per month and had 4.4 days of limited activity. Symptom severity scores—which rated 10 systems, including skin, respiratory, emotional, cognitive, and musculoskeletal—were high, and half of the participants were taking drugs to manage their symptoms.

After this detoxification program, the number of days of missed work or limited activity fell to 0.2, symptom scores dropped dramatically, and 84% of participants discontinued their use of drugs previously used to treat their symptoms. They also had significant improvements in thyroid function, balance, and reaction time.