Medical Disclaimer

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Cryo: Extreme Cold on the Body

Cryotherapy is a three minute, standing process used by many to treat different ailments in the body. A person will stand inside of a vertical “tanning bed” styled chamber. This chamber is closed with the head remaining outside at the top. The chamber air is cooled to -150 degrees Fahrenheit on average. This results in a surface skin temperature of around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Rapid cooling of the body will constrict blood vessels and rush the blood to the core in an attempt to save the vital organs from the approaching cold. The brain is stimulated to produce higher regulatory functions in the body. The blood pressure from this stimulation presses toxins out of the body, gathers oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes in a process called Vasoconstriction. As the body warms after the three minute ordeal, a process called Vasodilation sends the enriched blood throughout the body. This is the body’s natural healing response to extreme cold. This process is used to help with inflammation, muscle repair, and chronic pain.

Infrared: High Heat on the Body

Infrared therapy used in infrared saunas is a relaxing experience that takes only minutes. Infrared is classified simply as heat. A person experiences heat every day from the sun and surroundings. An infrared sauna therapy applies safe high heat to a person within. The wide space of the sauna is evenly heated. The body’s natural response to high heat is to increase the heart rate. The increase in heart rate causes a user to sweat naturally expelling toxins at a safe rate. The high heat body response triggers natural healing processes within the body that has many benefits. Benefits such as weight loss, immune system support, muscle relaxation, and even improving sleep.

Benefits Shared and Not Shared

Both types of treatments will improve inflammation, detoxification, repair muscles, and reduce chronic pain. However, high heat in infrared saunas has numerous additional benefits comparatively. Weight loss is a major result from high heat sweating. Improved circulation, and improved sleep are two others. Infrared saunas are also preferred by anyone afraid to be confined in small spaces. A sauna has a wonderful ease of use as well. A user will not have to find a specialty clinic to feel better. Instead, an infrared sauna can be affordably placed within a home.