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Bikram Yoga: What Is It?

Bikram yoga is a type of hot yoga designed for 26 stretches or poses that span over a time frame of about 90 minutes. This style of yoga is similar to a traditional yoga regimen with one major difference: extreme heat is pumped into the room during the workout. The user will sweat and experience an increased heart rate, like that of a healthy workout, during class. The classes are used in hopes of reducing tension, detoxifying the body, and reducing pain in sore muscles.

Benefits of Bikram Way

Many practicing Bikram yoga experience high core temperatures that stimulate sweating and fat burning because the heart is pumping blood at an increased rate through the body. Additionally, because all 26 poses of Bikram Yoga are designed to continuously push and pull your muscles, this reshapes the body into a more lean and longer-toned form.

Infrared Sauna Usage After Bikram

Infrared saunas provide all of the detoxification, pain relief, and muscle relaxation benefits needed to effectively cool down from a Bikram Yoga workout. In an infrared sauna, individuals experience lower temperature heat from the long wavelengths created, resulting in relaxation that calms tight or painful muscles and detoxifies the body through healthy amounts of sweating. It is also recommended that you drink plenty of water and stretch in an infrared sauna after your yoga session to hydrate your body and elongate those tightened tendons and muscles.