What is a muscle strain and how can infrared saunas help?

Can an infrared sauna from Good Health Saunas help you recover from strained muscles?

Let’s find out.

What is a muscle strain?

A muscle strain happens when there is damage done to your muscles or the attaching tendons due to a stretching or pressure that is put on them.

A muscle strain is also called a muscle pull and in severe cases may be the result of a tear in your muscles.

Muscle strains happen for 2 main reasons- either the muscle was stretched beyond capacity or it was forced to contract too strongly. Either way, it is a very painful experience.

There are 3 types or grades of muscle strain you should be aware of.

Grade I– A grade I muscle strain is a mild strain that only involves a few muscles/tendons. The injured muscle will be tender and painful but muscle strength will remain the same.

Grade II– A greater number of muscle fibers are involved in a grade II muscle strain. There is also a noticeable loss in muscle strength, mild swelling and sometimes a bruise.

Grade III– A grade III muscle strain occurs when the muscles tear all the way through. Grade III muscles strains are very painful, will show bruising where the tear occurred and there might even be a noticeable gap in the spot where the muscles have been torn and shifted. A total loss in muscle strength is also a hallmark of a Grade III muscle strain.

Symptoms of a strained muscle include:

  • – Muscle pain and tenderness. Pain will increase when you move but is relieved when you sit in one spot.
  • – Muscle swelling.
  • – Bruising and discoloration.
  • – Muscle cramping or spasms (spasms are sudden jerky movements your muscles make)
  • – A decrease in or loss of muscle strength
  • – A gap or dent in the normal outline of the muscle in the case of a Grade III muscle strain.

Because muscle strains happen as a result of the pressure that it put on your muscles, one way to prevent them from happening is to be careful when you’re lifting heavy weights.

Athletes also commonly acquire strained muscles because of their rapid movements and sometimes awkward position their muscles are in during an activity.

As you can tell, muscle strains can be a serious injury and you should do everything you can to prevent them.

The following are ways to prevent muscle strains from occuring.

  • Warm up before participating in sports and athletic activities.
  • Follow an exercise program that emphasizes stretching and strengthening your muscles.
  • Increase the intensity of your training program gradually. It is not advisable for instance to lift 50 lb weights right at the beginning of your exercise regimen.
  • Practice good posture when you sit and stand.
  • Use the correct technique when you lift heavy loads.

How are muscle strains treated?

If you suspect you have strained a muscle- especially if it is a Grade II or III- visit an emergency room immediately so emergency measures can be taken.

For Grade I and Grade II muscle strains, it is likely you will be asked to rest the injured muscle and avoid lifting weights or participating in sports activities until you are fully healed.

In the case of a Grade III muscle strain, an orthopedic doctor may order a cast to immobilize the affected limb. In some cases, an operation might be necessary to repair the muscle.

Why Good Health Saunas are helpful

Pain is a hallmark of strained muscles and this is where using an infrared sauna from Good Health Saunas comes in. Using a sauna for muscle pain will effectively relieve your muscles, stiffness, and cramps. Infrared saunas use Far Infrared energy wavelengths which penetrate anywhere from 1-2 inches deep into the human body. This penetrating heat is deep enough to affect the muscles. Using a sauna for muscle strain relaxes the muscles and allows them to loosen up and regain their elasticity. Infrared heat also makes muscles more flexible and gives them a larger range of motion, in addition to providing relief from cramps and joint pain.

Pain cause sleep deprivation. Our infrared saunas will help you relax so that falling asleep while healing from a strained muscle injury will not be a problem.

Infrared heat helps stimulate blood circulation, leading to increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels and overall more movement of blood to different body parts including muscles. The heat from an infrared sauna also helps break down our body’s lactic acid deposits. Lactic acid forms deposits in muscles which leads to painful muscle cramps.

Heat therapy has long been used in medicine to reduce pain and help people heal from injuries. Enjoying the heat from our infrared saunas from Good Health Saunas is sure to help you recover quickly from strained muscles.