Infrared Saunas And Strained Muscles

Infrared saunas have been shown to help suppress the symptoms associated with strained muscles. A muscle strain happens when there is damage done to your muscles or the attaching tendons due to stretching or pressure that is put on them. A muscle strain is also called a muscle pull, and in severe cases may be the result of a tear in your muscles. Muscle strains happen for 2 main reasons: (1) either the muscle was stretched beyond capacity or (2) it was forced to contract too strongly. Either way, it is a very painful experience. But, thankfully, our infrared sauna technology is here to help.

How Infrared Saunas Can Help With Strained Muscles

Good Health Saunas’ infrared saunas offer key features for combatting the side effects of strained muscles. Pain is a hallmark of strained muscles and this is where using an infrared sauna from Good Health Saunas may come in. We have full-spectrum heat penetration, chromotherapy lighting options, and custom, interior heat settings to help with strained muscles.

Using a sauna for muscle pain may effectively relieve your muscles, stiffness, and cramps. Infrared saunas produce healthy infrared energy wavelengths, which penetrate deep into the human body. This penetrating heat is deep enough to affect the muscles, so you can only imagine how significant the impact can be when it hits you at all angles. Using a sauna for muscle strain relaxes the muscles and allows them to loosen up and regain their elasticity. Infrared heat also makes muscles more flexible and gives them a larger range of motion, in addition to providing relief from cramps and joint pain. Speaking of pain, it can cause sleep deprivation, but our infrared saunas, and the calming chromotherapy lighting options inside, will help you relax so that falling asleep while healing from a strained muscle injury will not be a problem. Infrared heat helps stimulate blood circulation, leading to increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels, and overall increased movement of blood to different body parts, including your muscles. And being able to control how much circulation you can handle with our easily-accessible heat settings allows you to progressively The heat from an infrared sauna also helps break down our body’s lactic acid deposits, which is extremely helpful because lactic acid forms deposits in muscles which can lead to painful muscle cramps.


Written Testimonials

As a former Cheerleader, I still experience knee and back pain. I workout and have no energy after workouts, and didn’t want to get into pre-workout supplements. I recently started using the Good Health Sauna before and after my workouts. My energy has gone up substantially and my knee and back pain have subsided. My arms, legs, and back have gotten looser and I’ve never been more flexible. I would highly recommend getting a Good Health Sauna to add to your daily workout routine!

- Samantha Jane, Customer

I fell in love with the infrared sauna and would recommend it to my friends, family, teammates, and patients! About 2 months ago I had ACL reconstruction surgery. As a recently graduated Doctor or Physical Therapy, my physical therapist and I have spent countless hours addressing the muscle guarding and tightness surrounding my knee. After the infrared sauna this musculature was noticeably more relaxed and the joint itself moved with greater ease. There was a significant decrease in my knee pain/discomfort after the infrared sauna. I would strongly recommend the use of an infrared sauna to my patients to aid in their recovery- physically, physiologically and mentally.

- Gina Scaffidi, Customer

Tips for the Best Sauna Experience

1. Stretch before entering the sauna.

Stretching wakes up your body, gets your blood pumping, and increases your flexibility, and these preparations will ensure that your mind, body, and health will see the greatest results after your infrared sauna session.

2. Hydrate your body.

They say you should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, and they’re not wrong! Keeping your body hydrated guarantees that you’ll have the stamina to enjoy an entire session of healthy heat in an infrared sauna.

3. Find the right settings.

Not everyone has the same body, so not everyone should have the same settings when it comes to their infrared sauna experience. If you’re looking to truly relax, then you may want to adjust the chromotherapy lighting to our cool blue, turn the heat to a lower temperature, and play some calming tunes. But, if you’re someone who wants to use the infrared sauna to feel energized, then perhaps a radiant orange, higher temperature, and an inspiring music selection is the way to go.

4. Take advantage of the bench.

Our infrared saunas come equipped with a comfortable bench that’s stationed at just the right height, so use it! The bench gives you somewhere to put your feet up to relax, sit calmly if you want to meditate, or provides an area for you to do that stretching we talked about earlier.

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