Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy with Massages

At Good Health Saunas®, we really believe we’re spreading a secret to achieve good health by selling infrared saunas, but we certainly acknowledge the benefits of other wellness activities like massage, acupressure, and acupuncture.

In fact, we feel strongly that the benefits of one can often increase the benefits of another, and it’s hard to do better than pairing massage with infrared therapy.

Before or After: No Right Way

Regardless of whether you choose to spend time in an infrared sauna before or after your massage, you’ll enjoy the amplified benefits of both. Those health benefits will, however, be slightly different depending on your schedule.

Enjoying infrared radiation before a massage means you’ll arrive at the table more relaxed. Your muscles will be warm and in prime condition for deeper stretching and tension relief.

If you choose to follow your massage with heat therapy in your sauna, you’ll enjoy the detoxifying benefits as your sweat and circulation whisks accumulated toxins and waste out of your system.

Either way you choose, you’ll benefit. It’s the definition of win-win!

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