Firefighters reap big health benefits from use of infrared saunas

Good Health Saunas donated a brand new infrared sauna to local Wisconsin firehouse #4, to improve the overall health and wellness of the firefighting community. We started working with firehouses in 2016 to spread the word about the myriad of health benefits infrared saunas provide. The heat from infrared saunas penetrates up to two inches deep into the skin, allowing the body to detoxify and get rid of harmful chemicals firefighters endure such as carcinogens from smoke inhalation.

Luke Amann, Firefighter and EMT-P in Brookfield and Greenfield, Wisconsin, has experienced firsthand the huge health benefits infrared saunas provide to firemen. “When you sweat and detoxify the body you feel better. Therefore, firefighters on the line feel better, they think better, then make fewer mistakes and they’re happier,” Amann says. “It changes how we interact, eat, feel, and the overall morale at the firehouse. People are less negative, happier, feel better, lose weight, and more!”

Here at Good Health Saunas, our overall mission is to continue to educate communities and firehouses alike on the vast benefits of infrared heat all over the United States. From significantly detoxifying the body and ridding it of harmful chemicals to improving the overall longevity of firefighters’ lives, infrared saunas will soon be a tool that no firehouse can afford to live without.

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