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Can infrared saunas remove toxins?

What toxins can infrared saunas remove?

Infrared saunas are incredible for detoxification. High penetrating infrared heat used regularly will remove undesirable toxins from the body with ease.

Infrared saunas penetrate deep.

Infrared saunas are different from traditional saunas because they penetrate beneath the surface of the skin. They use wavelengths of light that are invisible to the naked eye called infrared. These wavelengths do not just heat the skin, they go deep into the body to warm from within. This is a far more effective method than a traditional sauna. Traditional saunas use mind-clogging steam to heat a room. The hot air in turn heats your skin. Unfortunately for traditional saunas, the heat only warms the outer layers of the skin. The body feels almost no heat deep within. If you were to attempt to feel the same penetrating heat from a traditional sauna you would have to remain inside the steam room for over an hour, which is dangerous and should never be done. Infrared saunas heat in 20-minute sessions are so effective that the body begins to sweat out toxins from deep within.

How does sweating help?

The body expels toxins in numerous ways, one of these ways being sweat. Sweat contains many toxins that the body does not desire to have within. Sweat happens when we exert our core to an extent. This increases our temperature inside. The body’s natural reaction to heat is to sweat, cooling the skin. Sweat will remove more toxins than even urine. Since urine is mostly waste. Heat is one of the body’s greatest defense mechanisms. A fever is a natural reaction by the body to fight off a disease. In this same way, heat is applied to reduce the amount of toxins living beneath the surface.

Can heavy metals be removed?

Mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium. These are examples of heavy metals that find their way into the body from daily activity and calorie intake. You would not knowingly ingest any of the heavy metals in large quantities but they find their way inside the body nevertheless. Can the heavy metals be removed by infrared saunas? Yes. Sweat is composed of numerous toxins, including heavy metals such as these. Heavy metals create a poisoning effect inside the body. Any amount of mercury for example is toxic. This metal can lead to muscular spasms and even death. Sweat can help remove this toxin from the body. Even small doses of the substance should not be left inside the body. Other metals can cause Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, kidney damage, and liver damage.

Can toxic chemicals be removed?

Toxic chemicals find their way into the body through many avenues. We often eat unhealthy food or are exposed to contaminated water. Smokers have a high amount of toxic chemicals within their bodies as well. Secondhand smoke is another way we ingest toxic chemicals into our otherwise healthy bodies. Can toxic chemicals be removed with infrared heat? Yes. The chemicals are expelled through sweat just as heavy metals can be. Sweat is a miraculous ally for removing toxins. The dangers of not sweating out the chemicals can be disastrous. These toxic chemicals can poison the body, resulting in the formation of cancers and numerous diseases.

How does pollution affect the body?

Pollution can destroy the body and infect the lungs. The toxins you breath in every day from pollution will remain in the body until you sweat them out completely. Urine expels waste and oftentimes will not remove pollutants. This results from pollutants affecting every part of the body. The first to suffer will be the lungs and nasal cavities. Next the kidneys and liver can fail from overexposure to pollutants, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals.

How does the sauna help the kidneys and liver?

The kidneys and liver do an excellent job of removing toxins and waste from the body. However, they cannot do it alone. When overworked, the kidneys and liver can fail. Once damaged they will never function as well as before. Therefore it is important to give these organs all the help they can get. Infrared heat causes the sweat to expel many of the toxins that can damage the kidneys and the liver. Your body will not lose its ability to sweat and therefore is a safe way to always remove toxins, easing the suffering of your other organs that are trying to keep you healthy.

How will the user feel?

After a 20-minute session every day, the user of an infrared sauna will feel amazing. Toxins can slow the mind and stress the body. Sweat will reduce stress with calming heat and relax tense muscles. The sweat that vacates the body will take brutal toxins with it. This will ease your vital organs as they try to remove the same toxins. The user will feel much healthier with healthy organs and a healthy, relaxed mind.