What are the common causes of Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis occurs for many reasons, including excessive alcohol, hepatitis, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This disease is characterized by a build up of scar tissue on the liver which replaces healthy normal liver tissue. Cirrhosis can cause severe swelling , itchy skin, tiredness, weakness, yellowing skin, and fluid buildup in the abdomen. Numerous factors make treatment more difficult, such as being overweight, diabetes, high amounts of fat in the blood, and excessively high blood pressure. Early signs of cirrhosis are nearly invisible. Often times a biopsy or blood test will be needed to determine whether a patient has cirrhosis or not .

How to deal with alcohol dependence.

People with cirrhosis which is caused by excessive alcohol abuse should stop drinking immediately. The treatment with an infrared sauna will be derailed if the drinking persists. Alcohol in any amount is toxic to the liver and to the health of the patient. A doctor should be consulted for the correct way to defeat alcoholism as each patient is different. As alcohol is toxic to the body, an infrared sauna treatment can be used to supplement current prescribed detoxifiers. Infrared saunas are an excellent way to assist in detoxifying. The body’s natural response to the deep penetrating heat of an infrared sauna is to sweat profusely. The sweat will seap toxins, heavy metals, and surface pollution from the pores. This process will ease the work done by kidneys and liver from their normal filtering.

How to deal with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

The key to dealing with cirrhosis caused by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. If the patient loses weight and controls their blood sugar, dealing with symptoms of cirrhosis can be easier and safer. Using the sauna regularly will provide the calorie burning power of a jog each day. In this way, the body will maintain a healthy weight easing treatment of cirrhosis symptoms. Another added benefit is the loose joints and muscles that a sauna provides. The heat is relaxing and can ease pain on tight muscles. This allows the user to stretch and workout without the soreness from everyday life.

Treating excess fluid in your body.

Excess salt can cause fluid retention within the body. Excess salt causes the blood cells to retain extra water. This build up can lead to bloating and a high water weight. A GHS infrared sauna helps to keep a body regulated and healthy. It can accomplish this through the high heat applied in 20 minute infrared sessions. Users should drink plenty of water which will actually help reduce water weight. If the salts, which retain water in cells, are flushed from the system, then the water weight will be reduced. Sweating is a key way to reduce salt in the body through the pores. The process of urination will remove the rest and the user will be perfectly hydrated.

How can an infrared sauna fight minor infections caused by cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis makes fighting infections much more difficult. A doctor will recommend certain medications based on the type of cirrhosis the patient is suffering from. The medication along with an infrared sauna can help fight the infections naturally. A natural result of using an infrared sauna for 20 minutes a day is the ability to fight infections. A healthy body can fight off an infection far easier than a weak immune system. With the restored health to the healthy body, infection fighting becomes easier. Infections are often caused by bacteria in the body. These bacteria are easily flushed by the penetrating heat exclusive to infrared saunas. The heat is directed a full 2 inches deep into the tissue of the body. The bacteria build up cannot stand the heat and is slowly evacuated through the process of sweating.

What does a doctor recommend?

Doctors always recommend testing for cirrhosis when any symptoms occur. An infrared sauna will not prevent cirrhosis of any kind. A healthy diet and lack of alcohol is a major factor in prevention. Doctors will always prescribe medications to deal with symptoms and should be taken at the requested dosage. Always ask your doctor if an infrared sauna will work in easing pain for your specific type of cirrhosis. In some rare cases dilated blood vessels in the body will require a doctor’s visit immediately. Dilated veins is a risk in some forms of cirrhosis and patients with this symptom should not use an infrared sauna without consulting their doctor.

Is infrared a viable treatment for cirrhosis?

Infrared saunas can absolutely be used to ease pain and swelling from cirrhosis. However, fluid build up in the abdomen and other severe symptoms cannot be treated by an infrared sauna alone. The sauna can be used to assist other treatments, however. The 20 minute sessions every week will provide relaxing heat that will calm and ease pain in the body. The healthier a patient feels, the easier to treat symptoms of cirrhosis, will be.