Cirrhossis of the Liver

Using a Sauna for Liver Cirrhosis Relief

As healthy cells in your liver are replaced overtime, cirrhosis can have a detrimental effect on the liver’s functions. While sauna time will not reverse or treat the cause of your cirrhosis, a far infrared sauna can certainly bring your body some relief.

Cultures around the world have long used steam baths for detoxification; and with a sauna, liver cirrhosis and its symptoms can be treated in much the same fashion. Traditionally, saunas have been used to improve mental clarity, to diminish pain and promote longevity. In the past few years, hyperthermic (sweat) therapy has been studied quite extensively as a sauna cirrhosis of the liver treatment technique.

Through this research, saunas have emerged as proven tools that greatly assist in the elimination of accumulated toxins, and therefore aid in liver cirrhosis relief. Toxic metals, including mercury as well as organic toxins such as PCB’s and pesticide residues, are excreted in high quantities in the sweat during properly conducted hyperthermic therapy sessions.

Unlike a traditional sauna or steam room, where heat penetrates only a few millimeters below the skin, the higher body temperature encouraged by an infrared sauna causes toxins to be released from cells. The toxic molecules will then reside transiently in the lymph fluid. Since sweat is manufactured from the lymph fluid, toxins present in the lymph fluid will exit the body through the sweat.

Because the liver and kidneys are not required for this process, these organs are largely unburdened by hyperthermic therapy and toxins are able to leave the body even when liver or kidney function is impaired. That means that with a sauna, liver cirrhosis and its effect on your kidneys will not slow your body down. With your sauna, cirrhosis of the liver can be managed when combined with your doctor’s treatment plan. This may be a distinct advantage for chronically ill patients whose livers and kidneys may already be under toxic stress.