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Infrared Saunas vs. Scars

Scar tissue over time can be reduced in size and the noticeable red color with an infrared sauna treatment daily. The treatment benefits health to such a great degree that healing the scars is only one of the numerous benefits. If a new cut has taken place in the skin, the infrared sauna can also help prevent noticeable scar tissue from forming in the first place.

What is a scar?

As part of the healing process, the body produces new fibrous tissue to replace the skin that was damaged from burns, scrapes, cuts, acne, or rashes. Many scars are visible after surgery or from diseases such as chickenpox. Scar tissue often develops a noticeable color, different from the normal skin tone of the patient. Scars will in most cases be thicker and raised in the area repaired by the body. Many people notice that the scar will not tan as well in sunlight as normal skin would.

What is an internal scar?

An internal scar is very similar to a standard scar, with a few major differences. Firstly, they are inside the body. These scars appear from internal damage, such as a torn muscle, or tendon. These scars can form on ligaments and joints after repetitive motions, surgeries, or physical injuries.

How does infrared help prevent a scar?

Saunas increase blood flow throughout the body. This results from the high heat produced by the invisible wavelength of light that the sauna produces. The heat penetrates deep beneath the skin where the veins and arteries are. The increased flow through the body brings oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. Blood is the catalyst for the healing process. The platelets in the blood will stick together at the scene of the injury which will repair the damage. This repair method works internally and externally, repairing skin, muscle fiber, joints, and tendons. This process will cut down on healing time marginally as the blood flow will bring more platelets than normal.

Will the sauna heal an old scar?

Infrared heat causes the body to sweat. The toxins in the body are often released through the sweat process. The toxins rise through the pores in the skin and are lost outside the body. The sweat will remove impurities from the scar tissue as well. With a 20-minute session every day, a patient can reduce the tenderness of a scar. The size of the raised area of the scar will diminish over time as well. And finally, the red color will begin to fade. This color leaves as the skin returns to normal after the injury has been completely eradicated. Older scars become far more difficult for the body to rid itself of. Old scars have become hardened and unsightly in many cases. While actual scar size will not be reduced by infrared, the scar’s tough exterior will be minimized. The tissue will become soft and loose once more. The heat and sweat combination is responsible for keeping skin soft.

How do saunas soften skin?

Skin tissue is barraged throughout the day with pollution, wind, rain, and sun. These natural and unnatural factors compromise the strength and elasticity of the skin. A great way to minimize the risk of being cut in the first place is to reverse the weakening of the skin. Skin will bounce back if pressure is put upon it. This elasticity helps prevent penetration by a foreign object. Infrared saunas restore this elasticity with relaxing heat. The heat increases blood flow as stated previously. The oxygen the blood brings to the skin helps it retain its stretch. The softness of the skin reappears after each use of the infrared sauna. A 20-minute session every day will prevent minor scrapes from penetrating the skin.

Inflammation in the joints can be relieved.

The joints react in a similar way to muscles. The joints in your body may become inflamed from overstimulation or use. The relaxing and penetrating heat from the sauna will cause the joints to relax. After a few short minutes, the inflammation will be reduced, easing pain and stiffness. Muscle tissue is constantly torn and repaired during exercise or everyday activity. This constant repairing causes those sore muscles that patients experience. The sore muscles and joints are caused by the repairing effect which is inflammation. Inflammation can be reduced greatly with infrared heat from an infrared sauna used 20 minutes a day and after each workout.

What is the result of an infrared treatment on scars?

To conclude the results of infrared on scar tissue is an easy matter of seeing the natural effects from infrared heat. The infrared heat increases the blood flow which rushes healing blood to the wounded area. This minimizes healing time marginally. The blood is oxygen-rich and can help prevent cuts by making skin more elastic. Finally, the detox of undesirable elements in the body helps to reduce the size, color, and shape of the scar tissue.