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Hot Yoga

Yoga was originally developed to center oneself, body, and mind, and the addition of heat to this practice has created a healthy workout regimen. The relaxing, paced movements of hot yoga will align your mental and physical abilities, and, as described in the name, this form of yoga focuses on sweating out toxins through activity and stretching muscles.

Hot Yoga In An Infrared Sauna

If cardio, heat, and the practice of yoga are what you seek, then an infrared sauna can safely provide all the above and more. During a typical 15-minute session in an infrared sauna, individuals can use the space and tools provided to elongate their bodies and relax their minds with yoga poses and stretches. The healthy infrared heat penetrates deep into your skin, causing a greater reward from the benefits of both the sauna and yoga.

A Clear Body And Mind

While hot yoga is intense and can stimulate a rewarding workout, infrared saunas can provide a space for this practice in a more successful environment. An infrared sauna will relax sore muscles, ease tension, and calm the user from a long and stressful day with the internal entertainment center, stretching bench, and calming chromotherapy lighting options.